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Guna Yala (San Blas Islands)

The San Blas islands form part of Guna Yala, a comarca (type of province) stretching along Panama’s Caribbean coast.

The comarca is home to the indigenous Guna people and is unique in that it is recognized as autonomous (similar to if a U.S. native reservation were given the powers of a state). The local control has brought a quality of life and preservation of their culture that otherwise likely would have been unachievable.

Guna hospitality runs deep, and they welcome visitors with open arms. No “gringo pricing” here…

Hands down, the San Blas islands offer the best of the best for island vacationing. While the islands are plentiful in nature, modern development remains non-existent.

San Blas has crystal clear aquamarine waters and, unlike most beaches in Panama, white sand beaches that look and feel like baking flour…

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