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San Francisco, Panama City, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you one of the most modern and progressive neighborhoods in all of Panama City; San Fransisco.

San Francisco is Panama’s best option for living a quiet, residential, urban lifestyle.

If you want an urban experience in Panama City, but without the nuisances of persistent tourists, rowdy club-goers, nonstop casinos, solicitous women of the night, or any of the other seedier aspects of living in the city center, then San Francisco is the place to be.

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Not many neighborhoods in Panama City match what San Francisco has to offer.

It’s close to the downtown center and distinctly urban, but the metropolitan vibe is low-key and much more relaxed than the other sought-after areas in the city center. There are skyscrapers here and there, but many vintage homes too, which is a rarity in central Panama City. There are some pubs and bars, but no nightclubs blaring music until the early hours of the morning.

This isn’t the Panama of beaches, coconuts, and laid-back living. This is an urban neighborhood with a young, modern, progressive culture. This is city living in Panama at its finest.

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