Santa Fe, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the quaint mountain community of Santa Fe.

Santa Fé is surrounded by a wealth of wildlife and natural beauty waiting to be explored. More than 20 waterfalls and many rivers provide a chance to take a swim and cool down on a hot day. Though, in fact, the hot days here aren’t so hot compared to Panama’s coastal regions, due to Santa Fé’s high altitude.

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Similar to Boquete in many ways, Santa Fé is also a small, quaint mountain community in Panama’s interior. Unlike Boquete, however, the anticipation of a real estate boom and a flood of foreigners never came to full fruition. Land in Santa Fé is still relatively cheap, the most important infrastructure project (a road to the Caribbean coast) has yet to be completed, and the presence of foreigners is still at a minimum.

The people of Santa Fé are kind hearted and laidback. In Panama City, when people honk their horns at you, it means they want you to get the heck out of the way. In Santa Fé, when people honk their horns at you, it’s followed by a friendly wave, a welcoming nod, and “Hola.”