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Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic | Overseas Haven Report

Santiago de los Caballeros (“James of the Knights” in English) is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. With a population of nearly 1 million people, Santiago is located in the northwest of the country around 100 miles north of the capital, Santo Domingo.

Santiago is now becoming the location of choice for many expats seeking city living without the hustle and bustle of the capital. It has excellent shopping, a vibrant cultural and social scene, great restaurants, the best education, and arguably the best health care facilities in the whole country. Employment, if required, is fairly easy to find, and the transport links are excellent. The international airport right on the edge of the city offers several flights to and from a wide range of North American cities. What’s more, it’s only an hour’s drive from the fabulous north coast beaches and, due to new road construction, that will be even quicker in the near future. Not only can you be on the beach in an hour, you can also be in the middle of the highest mountain range in the Caribbean within the same time by driving south instead of north, meaning a fabulous abundance of adventure activities.

If you’re looking for the best of all worlds—Caribbean beaches, stunning mountain scenery, and all within a stone’s throw of a genteel Dominican city with all of the essentials for the expatriate—look no further than Santiago. It simply ticks all the boxes.

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