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Smart Cities Around The World | Overseas Haven Report

A “smart city” is a city that’s smartly run. The city’s movers and shakers work together, think collectively, and use technology to make the city a better place for its residents, with sustainable (and often cost-cutting) innovations…

Smart cities are all about technology working behind the scenes to improve your lifestyle… you don’t even know it’s there, but it makes urban living easier, cleaner, healthier, more efficient, and generally more pleasant…

These cities have transportation that serve residents instead of hinder them. They have local planning laws, for example, that stipulate that tall buildings (businesses and apartment blocks) must be located on a bus route, so development is organized and contained to key “urban corridors of growth.” Transport and real estate work collectively rather than reactively.

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Smart cities with some tough geographical factors, such as mountain and valley zones, create transportation solutions like metros, cable cars, electrical staircases, funiculars, and gondolas to get from point A to B.

Town planners create parks and green spaces specifically to serve as a floodplain that locals can use for boating and water sports when the river bursts its banks.

A decrease in homicide rates is often seen in smart cities… People that live there share opinions, knowledge, and expertise. This creates an opportunity to go back to the good ol´ days, when people cared and communicated. Information and communication technology (ICT) is a key ingredient in one Latin American smart city’s recipe.

High-rise buildings use smart, sustainable energy-producing techniques in conjunction with nature to lower their energy demand and encourage eco-friendly habits among residents.

There are even cities that have no door handles in public places—too dirty. They don’t even have the doors you can simply push to open… Instead, this city has contactless buttons that open when their sensors react to movement.

Smart cities also deal with litter more efficiently, using, for example, Ecube Labs’ smart trash cans. Solar-powered and waste-compacting, these bins have ultrasonic-level sensors that alert the city when they need to be emptied.

All this and more is what you’ll find in smart cities around the globe. Read more about our favorite smart cities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia in this special report…

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