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Taboga Island | Panama Special Report

Taboga is a 12.1-square-km island that sits in the Gulf of Panama in the Pacific Ocean. The handiwork of volcanic forces, its hilly topography offers spectacular vistas of Panama City and the gigantic ocean liners that queue to enter the Panama Canal. Also known as La Isla de Las Flores (the Island of Flowers), it’s not only the sights that draw you in but the sounds and smells… This is a place that’s steeped in history.

Taboga is only 20 kms offshore, meaning it could almost qualify as a Panama City neighborhood… It’s close enough that you can enjoy the conveniences of the capital, but far away enough that you’re removed from its chaos. Its expat population, mostly made up of retirees from Canada, England, and the States, accounts for roughly 20% of the total number of residents. Many of them own businesses while others simply bask in the tranquility of island living.

In this Panama Special Report, we step off the ferry with you onto Panama’s most easily accessed island filled with color, community, and culture.

$ 14.95