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Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, offers a fascinating history and culture, highly developed infrastructure, and the buzz of constant activity that comes with a big population… Yet it’s often overlooked in favor of places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This is a mistake.

Taipei embeds technology into life in ways you didn’t realize were possible until you visit… But this hasn’t sterilized its culture. Amid all modernity, pockets of the ancient endure, like the centuries-old Longshan Temple or the City Gates that date to the Qing Dynasty.

Night markets, parks, and shopping districts give a glimpse of Taipei’s edge. It also has museums, galleries, landmarks, parks, temples, a zoo, hiking trails, and hot springs to offer you… In short, this city deserves to be noticed just as much as its neighbors.

If you’re looking for a peace and quiet, Taipei probably isn’t for you. The pace of life here is rapid, bordering on frantic. On the other hand, if you’re excited by the breakneck speed at which innovation is taking place in this part of the world, it could be perfect for you.

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Taipei offers everything its Asian-metropolis counterparts offer, plus its own inimitable charm. It’s a case study in balancing modernization and thoughtful innovation, and nothing symbolizes that more than Taipei 101—the city’s most iconic landmark. The skyscraper is famous for its bamboo-stalk shape and flexible, earthquake- and typhoon-resistant design. It boasts several high-tech features, like elevators that travel at 60 kms per hour.

Modern Taipei is a living museum; you can see, feel, and experience its history and the various influences that have been imposed on it firsthand. Before outsiders arrived here, the Taipei Basin was home to members of the Ketagalan tribes.

Taiwan is an oblong island about 200 kms off the east coast of mainland China, and Taipei, at its northern tip, is its capital. More typical weather conditions here are heat during summer and mild temperatures during winter, with consistently high humidity levels (76%) throughout the year. June to August are the hottest months, when temperatures average 100˚F (38˚C). During the coolest months, typically January to March, average temperatures are 50˚F (10˚C).

The cost of living here is high… but much more affordable than Singapore, Tokyo, or other Asian metropolises. With a decent salary or pension, you can enjoy a much higher standard of life in Taipei than you do back home.

So is Taipei for you? Taipei improves quality of life by inserting tech into life in convenient ways, including everything from its public transport to its smart health cards to contactless technology in public spaces. Taipei is an Asian metropolis… but it’s far friendlier and more financially accessible than its counterparts.

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