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Tavira, Portugal | Overseas Haven Report

Tavira is a charming small town in the eastern Algarve. Unlike other parts of the region, it’s held on to its authenticity, both in terms of its culture and its cost of living. It features great beaches, an architecturally stunning town center, an active and beautifully embellished riverfront promenade, diverse dining options, proximity to an important national park, and a welcoming expat community…

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We’ve long touted the Algarve region in southern Portugal as the world’s best place to retire overseas. It has great weather and sunshine almost year-round, great beaches and golf courses, abundant options for Mediterranean dining, a big and friendly expat community, and an affordable cost of living… And while we stand by our claims about the Algarve, we’re also firm believers in thin-slicing your options. This year, we’re homing in on one corner of the Algarve that we think deserves more attention…