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Tierras Altas, Panama

Tierras Altas, a district in Chiriquí Province on the west side of Volcán Barú, is poised to become the next Boquete. Situated in the highlands of western Panama, it features comparable scenery—misty hillsides dense with greenery, gardens terraced into slopes, and abundant wildflowers. Its cool-weather climate and the outdoor lifestyle it affords are also similar…

But Tierras Altas is different to Boquete different in important ways. First, it’s still affordable. Everything from the cost of real estate to the cost of a burger costs less here, while costs in Boquete are closer to those of a mid-size U.S. city. Second, Tierras Altas is relatively unknown, while Boquete is one of the most famous expat communities in the world. Third, Tierras Altas is authentic and down-to-earth, while some complain of the imported American culture that dominates Boquete.

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