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Ubud, Indonesia | Overseas Haven Report

In Ubud, vestiges of Balinese culture are around every corner, from the centuries-old ancient temples to the colorful processions that take place daily to the ubiquitous scent of incense that is burned near-constantly for religious reasons. This is a place of culture—a center for art, craft, and dance that has been on trend since the late 19th century, when feudal lords made Ubud their base and bankrolled the village’s art scene.

Today, Ubud continues to be on trend, with signs of innovation present in its art, design, and culinary scenes. Modern, award-winning architecture is sidled alongside the ancient temples, with concepts like sustainability and mindfulness incorporated into the blueprints… Surrounded by rolling green hillside (it’s perched at an elevation of 600 meters (2,000 feet) above sea level), Ubud inspires deep thinking and R&R. It’s also center for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, spas, and relaxation-focused resorts.

There’s something about the gentle ocean breezes and green hills etched with rice paddies that lulls you into a state of peacefulness in Ubud. Discover this town in this Overseas Haven Report…

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