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Vila Velha, Brazil | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report, we feature Vila Velha, Brazil.

Less than one hour north of Rio de Janeiro by air lies the small coastal city of Vila Velha. Life here centers around the beaches; with lovely weather throughout the year, locals take advantage of the warm ocean waters no matter the month.

It’s ideal for those who enjoy the beach, outdoor activities, or relaxing with a beer… and for those who relish the thought of being lulled to sleep and then awoken again by the sounds of crashing waves…

$ 9.95

A typical day might include boating, swimming, fishing, or just relaxing in a hammock… Then join your friends at a beachside kiosk for churrasco (Brazilian-style barbecue) and icy-cold beer poured for each person from large shared bottles… or enjoy the freshest of seafood, caught the same days as it is cooked.

For those who love the outdoor life, this little corner of Brazil is hard to beat. Whether you want to get in shape, photograph lovely scenery, or simply relax over beer and barbecue at the beach… this place is a nature-lover’s paradise.

And, while Vila Velha in many respects is like a scaled-down version of Rio, it differs in one important respect: Vila Velha is much cheaper, particularly its real estate.

Vila Velha is not for those who love lots of cultural activities—those looking for museums and university lectures would probably bore of the beach quickly.However, for those who love the outdoors, especially the shore, Vila Velha is made to order.

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