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The Azuero Peninsula: Western Azuero, Panama

This Azuero issue covers the peninsula’s more-rugged corner, the western side. Western Azuero is known for farming, fishing, surfing, and beaches… and let’s not forget about the stunningly beautiful sunsets.

Its undeveloped, western-facing beaches provide unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean…

The western side of Azuero was previously only known to cattle ranchers and wealthy farmers… Then surfers came. They managed to keep the great waves a secret, but word eventually got out. Now, international surfing championships are held here.

In this area you’re surrounded by nature, pure and raw… Capuchin and howler monkeys call from the trees, sea turtles lay their eggs along the beaches, and, in season, dolphins and whales swim and play offshore.

Azuero could be right for you. You’ll have to check it out in person to know for sure…

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Western Azuero isn’t as well-known as its central and eastern counterparts, but it’s quickly developing… The path of progress continues to inch its way in this direction, with construction and infrastructure upgrades constantly taking place.

Los Islotes is set to become the first master-planned expat community in the region. It’s already taking shape with the completion of several houses and a beach rancho. New houses are currently under construction in this state-of-the-art beachfront development.

Expats and retirees moving to this region today aren’t the pioneers who moved here five or six years ago… Development in this part of the country is well on its way, but western Azuero remains a top option for someone looking to get away from it all.

Beaches in the Azuero are breathtakingly beautiful. Few visitors head here except surfers—the most common guests on the southern end of the peninsula. A large area of the waters off the western coast belongs to the Gulf of Montijo Wetlands, which covers 89,452 hectares and is of international importance. It’s one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Panama.

This region is for adventure seekers. Lovers of fresh air, sunshine, star gazing, beach bumming, and freedom will enjoy the lifestyle here. So, too, will surfers and

horseback riders, hikers and loafers…

Looking for less government regulation? A lower cost of living with a higher quality of life? Comfortable living by yourself (or with your partner)? Willing to accept life for what it is without forcing square pegs fit into round holes?

Come visit western Azuero… build your new home in your own unique paradise.

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