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Every month, subscribers to Panama Letter receive an honest, current, and complete introduction to one of the places we’ve identified as offering tremendous advantages for the would-be retiree, investor, or part-timer in Panama. These are the locations that should be on your radar, either for your immediate retirement or as places to invest today as part of a longer-term plan in Panama.

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This is Panama without the sugar coating. From a team of expats, investors, and businesspeople with, together, many decades of experience spending time and making money in the Hub of the Americas. Let us show you why, after considering the whole world, we’ve chosen to be here.

Our network of contributors will provide you with all the tips, tricks, and firsthand insider intelligence you need to follow in their footsteps, including these popular features in every issue:

  • Panama 101… a monthly lesson in basic Panama navigation. From how to pay your electricity bill… to how to get a driver’s license… to how to hire a maid. Every month we give you a step-by-step instruction manual to some aspect of life in Panama that can be confusing or daunting if you don’t have the right guidance, especially during your first few months here…
  • Ask The Experts… real answers to real questions from our Panama-based team of experts—giving you the boots-on-the-ground solutions to your personal concerns and requests…
  • Broad budget comparisons, to help you thin-slice the cost of living in this Little country with big upside. Whether it’s the cost of bread and milk, furniture and maid service, or rent and utilities, we’ll have you covered…
  • A Taste Of Panama… our regular food column offers you an authentic flavor of Panama. Whether a traditional local recipe or a guide to popular street fare, we serve up and explain the best of Panamanian eats…
  • What’s On In Panama This Month… a guide to events and activities in the country this month. Where to go to watch the Super Bowl… how to plan your carnaval.. who’s appearing live in concert this month… what’s playing at Panama City’s English-language theater…
  • Property Picks—A comprehensive real estate sampler of what’s on the market in a thin-sliced region of this little isthmus each month.
  • Photospread—A monthly peek into the beauty of Panama—up close and personal!
  • ¿Cómo Se Dice?—Your easy-to-absorb monthly cheat sheet of Spanish—no, Panamanian—phrases, words, terms, idioms, and sayings. An invaluable resource for your day-to-day life in Panama.
  • In Their Own Words… Get real-deal information and opinions from expats that have already been through the ringer. Hear about things such as working in Panama, finding a place to live, cultural differences and shocks—and how to survive them, and how they fill their leisure time…
  • Panama News Updates—Keep up to date with all the changes happening here in Panama that might affect you as an expat or investor in Panama.

Plus much, much more, including:

  • Where to look to find the kind of life that suits you–at the beach, in the mountains, in the big city…
  • Insights into what the community is like, who your neighbors would be (locals, expats, or both), and how they live…

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