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12 full issues of Global Property Advisor delivered to your email inbox—1 per month. Each issue is packed with real-world global investing insight.

  • How To Buy, Own, And Profit From Foreign Property Program. An on-demand collection of 36 audio recordings (and related materials) focusing on vetting, buying, managing, and selling property overseas, including insights, tips, and general education on real estate markets abroad…
  • Bonus Report: Expert’s Guide To Buying Property Overseas. Inside these pages, you’ll find answers to all the critical questions that spring to mind when you’re approaching an overseas real estate purchase for the first time.
  • Real-time property alerts. Often I get wind of investments in different parts of the world. Many don’t make the cut. But there are plenty that do. The amazing ones get snapped up quickly. And they can’t wait for the next Global Property Advisor edition… so I send them out as instant email alerts. This ensures you’ll get a jump on these lucrative investments before everybody else learns of them.
  • Absolute best pricing and terms on deals. The property deals I scout out for you are really and truly deals… not something you could easily replicate on your own. You have my word that you are getting the best prices and terms possible.
  • Access to my world-class Rolodex. If you need any kind of contact—perhaps bank, tax, real estate, or legal related—anywhere in the world, chances are I know somebody. And I am happy to refer you to them.
  • Scouting and deal-making trips. You can invest without ever seeing the property, but it’s a lot more fun when you do. We often take trips to look at deals firsthand… and as a Global Property Advisor member you’ll be invited to tag along. You’re under no obligation to buy… but you may as well enjoy the lifestyle component of investing overseas.
  • Overseas Property Alert, a weekly email dispatch from our far-flung network of editors, experts, and friends detailing the best opportunities today for purchasing, owning, and managing global real estate.
  • Plus, you’ll immediately become a Live and Invest Overseas Premium Member. That will entitle you to discounts of at least US$100 off of all events, private VIP-only gatherings, and more.

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I understand that you might be skeptical that my advice in Global Property Advisor will truly give you the tools you need to invest in great property deals around the globe.

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As you can see, there is no risk with your purchase. In fact, since you get to keep the bonuses no matter what you decide, I’m the one taking all of the risk.


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