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Whether you are a seasoned investor or just beginning to build your portfolio, international real estate is the best way to diversify your holdings while increasing your average returns. Investing in real estate in other countries gives you both economic and currency diversification. You can further hedge your bets by investing in various types of properties at various costs of entry.

International real estate investing comes with these important advantages—better diversification and better returns. But it comes with an important disadvantage, as well. If your agenda is efficient profits, as mine is, you can’t invest in international real estate from your desk or computer. You have to invest first in groundwork. You have to get on a plane. Visit the countries where you’re considering putting your money. Otherwise, the chances that you’ll take a misstep are big.

Don’t worry, though, because now you have me to do the groundwork and the legwork for you. My team and I will be researching and scouting continually. I’ll report to you on markets, ideas, fundamentals, and opportunities through a monthly issue of Global Property Advisor. The publication is digital and will be delivered to your inbox immediately each month.

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Through my Global Property Advisor service, I’ll bring you opportunities both that I find and that find me through my global network of contacts. We will look at crisis opportunities, seek out the path of progress in new and mature markets, consider new developments, and analyze yield-producing properties.

I’ll provide background and analysis, and I’ll be standing by to help you think through every opportunity.

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