Fellow Privacy Seeker,

I’ll bet you these Connecticut bakers wish they’d heard about my New Swiss Bank Account several years ago.

In 2013, the IRS quietly forced Dime Bank in Norwich, Connecticut, to seize and hand over the $68,382.22 that was sitting in the account of a small family bakery.

Owned by 4 brothers, this bakery has been part of their community for close to 100 years.

No, the owners were not running drugs. They were not laundering money or running a prostitution ring.

They made bread.

But, according to the IRS, they were guilty of structuring.

The Bank Secrecy Act says that cash deposits in excess of $10,000 have to be reported to Uncle Sam.

And that the intent to structure your deposits so they stay under the legal reporting limit is a crime.

These brothers running their bakery were splitting their cash bank deposits up so they’d never amount to $10,000 or more.

Eighteen grand for the day? They split it into 2 deposits.

This went on for years, and finally the IRS caught wind. They thought it was suspicious. It looked like the baker brothers were trying to fly under the radar.

Why were these dough-wielding trouble-making bakers structuring their deposits to stay under the reporting limit?

Because 6 years earlier their bank called them and asked them to.

Told them there was less paperwork that way.

They simply didn’t know they were breaking the law. You’d think the bank might know that law and not ask their customers to break it.

But none of that stopped 8 IRS agents and a U.S. Marshall from swooping into the bakery, questioning and detaining the brothers, and stealing their money.

The IRS held on to their money for 3 trying years without any communication or justification. Not a word.

They finally ended up returning the cash just hours after the bakery filed suit against the government.

But the family’s nightmare is far from over. The IRS is still investigating them for criminal activity… a fishing expedition that the family suspects is payback for the lawsuit they filed.

These rules don’t apply only to businesses either…

The IRS Can Seize
YOUR Assets, Too

The government has the power to seize your cash and other assets if they decide you’re up to no good.

Doesn’t matter if they’re wrong. Or even if they have no proof.

They can seize your money even if you haven’t been found guilty of anything… even if you haven’t been unknowingly structuring like the bakery.

From 2005 to 2013, the IRS seized $286 million from people who hadn’t been convicted of a crime.

Guilty until proven innocent, I guess.

Just be aware that if you’re sitting on cash, property, or investments of any kind, the IRS could show up on your doorstep and take everything… even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

When I think about those bakery owners, I wonder how many times they wished their money was hidden safely inside a Swiss Bank Account.

But even that wouldn’t have helped them.

The IRS sucked the wind out of Swiss banking years ago, in 2010, when the U.S. Congress passed FATCA.

FATCA compels virtually every foreign financial institution to report on the banking activities of Americans… even Americans who’ve lived out of the country for decades, as I have.

If the U.S. government got it in its head to go after you, it would simply cajole your bank to cough up the dough… even if the bank was in Switzerland or Belize or just about anywhere else.

Truthfully, your money is not safe anywhere from the far-reaching tentacles of the IRS.

Any bank anywhere could turn over your cash to Uncle Sam in a heartbeat.

You’ve Probably Heard Horrifying Tales Like These Before…

I share these horror stories not simply to rant and rave about government gone wild.

Moaning and groaning about the long arm of the IRS does no one any good. That’s why I’m not wasting your time (or mine) complaining…

I have a much bigger agenda here… which is to show you that the situation is not quite as dire as you might fear.

If building and protecting wealth… and then keeping that wealth secure and private are important objectives to you—as, I would argue, they certainly should be—you do have a move…

You Have One Play Left When It Comes To Legally Shielding Your Wealth From Uncle Sam

The truth is, those bakery owners in Connecticut could have hidden that 68 grand… they could have hidden it in plain sight.

All completely legal.

Not only that, but they could also have been enjoying their money all along… rather than having it die a slow death in the IRS’s bank account.

It’s time the word got out about the lawful strategy for protecting your money from those out to steal it from you.

That’s why I am writing to you today…

That’s me… Lief Simon. I’ve been making money investing in property around the world for more than 20 years…

My name is Lief Simon, co-founder of Live and Invest Overseas.

I’ve been taking advantage of this strategy for decades.

My nest egg is not sitting in a bank account somewhere, ripe for the taking.

It’s not under my mattress either. It’s safe but it also serves its purpose… by providing both enjoyment and security for me and my family.

I call this strategy the New Swiss Bank Account.

Here’s how it works…

Rather than surrendering your hard-earned money to a bank and hoping it’s still there when you return to withdraw it…

Use it to buy a second home in a beautiful overseas destination…

Somewhere tropical and sunny… maybe on a white-sand beach…

Or perhaps in an historic colonial city… or riverfront in a charming mountain village…

Convert your nest egg into a real asset.

I call this the New Swiss Bank Account, but, in fact, this is way better than a Swiss bank account. Just ask all those folks whose Swiss bank accounts have been reported, closed, or sequestered!

The IRS can’t touch your oceanfront condo or seaside villa.

Neither can blood-thirsty lawyers or scheming ex’s.

Maybe you rent it out, maybe you don’t. Maybe you move in when you retire!

Whatever you do with it, it’s yours… safe as houses, as they say.

It’s all completely on the up-and-up, too…

Your Ticket to Privacy—
IRS Form 8938

8938 is the number of the IRS form you have to fill out to report foreign financial assets.

If you own foreign assets, you have to fill out IRS Form 8938 even if you’ve lived out of the country for most of your life.

However, here’s an important point: You do not have to report foreign real estate on 8938.

Here’s the relevant reference right from the IRS’s website:

If the IRS is so desperate that it will smash and grab the cash and property of Americans who haven’t been found guilty of a thing…

Then why would they leave foreign real estate alone?

It’s a matter of practicality.

Even if they wanted to, how is the IRS (or anyone else, for that matter) going to seize or force the sale of your second home in Belize… your condo in the Dominican Republic… your penthouse in Colombia… your beach house in Panama… your farmhouse in Portugal… or…

You see my point.

Lawyers, Former Spouses, Friends, Employees, And Business Partners With Axes To Grind Are Stone-Walled, Too

None of them can touch your Mexican villa with the avocado and mango trees growing in the back yard… no matter how many attorneys they hire.

And the IRS doesn’t even want to know about it.

A rental in Paris… or Medellín… or Lisbon… a piece of property anywhere in the world is like having a Swiss Bank Account that you can stay in on vacation.

And that you could maybe even retire to.

Now, this strategy born of a significant loophole is NOT a free-for-all. There are some rules…

  • You have to report any income you make from the property (they’ll still get their pound of flesh, but they can’t ever take the underlying asset from you).

  • If you decide to hold the property in a trust or a LLC then your interest in either of those has to be reported.

Hold it in your own name, though, and you don’t have to report it… not even if you own an entire village in a sunny, balmy Caribbean paradise…

Clearly, I’m a huge fan of owning real estate in key places across the globe…

It’s the ultimate investment for both excellent return and privacy and protection.

And as exotic and foreign as it may sound, it can be sublimely simple to execute this strategy… when you know how.

7 Reasons Foreign Real Estate Is
Better Than A Swiss Bank Account

When people talk about investing their money for the future, they’re often talking about putting it into the stock market.

But foreign real estate is superior to stocks and mutual funds in nearly every way. Here’s why…

I never want to see my investments go to zero…

Investors have lost their shirts buying stocks that looked stable… only to have their nest eggs drop to zero with retirement just around the corner…

That’s not for me.

Real estate is a hard asset… a real asset. It can’t go to zero…


When you buy a piece of property, you own something that’s tangible. You can touch it.

More important, you can make improvements to it and increase its value.

You can add another story, split the parcel, tear a single family home down and put up a double, etc.

When you buy stocks, your hands are pretty much tied. You have no control over their future value…

With real estate, your investment can also supercharge your lifestyle…

Buying a second home in Portugal, France, Colombia, Panama, or any of a number of other countries provides a place you can escape to—on vacation, in retirement, or if the s*&t ever hits the fan and you decide you want to leave the United States…

You can have somebody else pay for your investment…

Purchase a rental property that cash flows, and your tenants could pay for it 100% (and then some).

Nobody is going to “rent” your stock…

True diversification...

Owning real property overseas is far better diversification than any mutual fund.

Consider what happens to most mutual funds when the market turns—they turn, too.

Having, say, a rental apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico… or your own hectare of fruit trees in Panama… or a piece of fast-appreciating beachfront property in northeastern Brazil… that’s true diversification.

Diversification of markets, of economies, of asset types, and maybe of currencies…

Passive income…

One reason a lot of people stick to stocks is that stocks are simple. True, real estate is a little more work.

Even if I had to manage every one of my property investments myself, reasons 1-5 above would still make real estate my investment of choice.

But the truth is… real estate can be a passive investment, too.

I’m not out fixing toilets… or showing properties.

I have management in place that takes care of everything for me… for every one of the two-dozen properties I currently own worldwide…

Safety and privacy…

I want to shield my money from the government and from anybody else who might ever want to get their hands on it.

The IRS doesn’t care that I own property in 13 countries currently. It’s my business.

What about some frivolous lawsuit-happy attorney who might learn of my holdings worldwide? I don’t worry about them either. My policy isn’t hide and seek but show and tell. I don’t mind who knows where I own real estate. What are they going to do? Pack it up and ship it someplace else for their benefit? Compel a foreign government to sell it and send them the proceeds?

As you can see, not only is foreign real estate the New Swiss Bank Account, but it’s also the best possible investment choice in our current age.

The fact that most Americans think it’s more complicated than it really is to diversify into real estate overseas is a plus. It means less competition for you and me.

Very Soon, This Could Be
Your New Reality
(And This Reality Is Pretty Nice)

With my wife Kathleen, I have a growing portfolio of real estate in a variety of locations around the world.

Thanks to this strategy, which we have pursued together over the past two decades, we aren’t worried about our retirement. We aren’t worried about our kids’ futures. We aren’t worried about U.S. markets, the future of the U.S. dollar, or the result from the just passed U.S. presidential election…

We’ve been able to travel the world for fun and for profit. And, as a result of this strategy, we’ve evolved a lifestyle that is both comfortable and filled with adventure and that will convert, whenever we’re ready to pull the trigger, into our retirement plan…

A retirement that will have us dividing our time among some of the world’s best places to spend time… in properties that we own and that, right now, are generating cash flow to the tune, in some cases, of 16% per year and more.

This the best time in history to take advantage of my New Swiss Bank Account strategy… and this is the best time in our lifetimes to begin investing in real estate overseas… or to expand your portfolio if you’ve already begun…

Your Flexible Swiss Bank Account

The beauty of preserving your wealth in offshore real estate is that it’s a heck of a lot more fun than a stuffy bank vault.

You get to do real stuff with your money… cool stuff… rather than just locking it away with a banker.

Now, I realize (with Kathleen’s help) that not everybody is like me. You may not want to own dozens of properties all around the world.

You might simply want a second home in paradise… whatever that means to you.

I don’t like the Caribbean.

You might love it.

I like the city.

You might want to be up in the mountains.

That’s what’s great about this New Swiss Bank Account… you can build whatever kind of investment portfolio and accompanying lifestyle that you want.

You could follow my lead and go big!

Or you could just find your place in the sun… safe, separate, and secure from the government and other parties out to get your money.

Let me ask you…

Aren’t you just itching to get in this game? To diversify, preserve, and grow your wealth while having fun at the same time?

To do it all while protecting your privacy and your nest egg?

It’s never been easier to get started at this…

And I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Hang on to your hat…

I’m about to show you how to open your own New Swiss Bank Account.


Global Property Advisor
Your Overseas Real Estate
Deals-On-A-Platter Advisory Service

Here’s how this works…

My team and I are constantly on the move scouting out the best property opportunities around the globe… ones that not only make good investments but that also serve to protect your privacy while super-charging your lifestyle.

Here are the types of deals I look for…

In many developing nations the middle class is exploding rapidly… presenting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for profit…
Turn-key rentals (that is, cash-flowing properties) in markets with thriving tourist trades or rapidly expanding middle classes — often, these are places most investors would never think to look… and where you can still get in for a song…

Organic produce is a $35 billion industry… I’ve created exclusive and unique ways for us to secure a piece of that wealth…
Turn-key active agricultural investments — especially anything organic, where a one-time small investment could reap up to 17% annual interest for the next 20 years…

The best part is that management is handled by somebody else. Your only chore is to collect your share of the income from the sale of the product.

Oh… and, in case for some reason the investment stops being productive, I make sure I own the underlying asset—the land—and you should, too…

I’ve been in this business a long time… I take a conservative strategy that helps double my capital every 5 or so years…
Pre-construction deals — where you can buy in with as little as $50,000.
I look specifically for “path of progress” deals that could return two or three times your investment in time…

Or, if waiting is not your thing, you could cash out even before taking possession of the asset, still for double-digit profits… and then move on to the next amazing deal…

Investing in property abroad really is an exciting and adventurous way to make a nice profit… the views aren’t bad either…
Residency plays — in today’s world, having residency in a foreign country can make good sense, even if you’re not planning to make a move overseas. I think of it as “backup residency,” and the appealing investment options that can help you realize this goal are many.
You could pursue one of these real estate-for-residency opportunities in a place where you want to retire eventually… or perhaps in a safe place where you could go if you ever felt the need.

When I or a member of my team identifies an opportunity that fits our criteria and that passes muster, we detail it in my Global Property Advisor.

Here’s a small sampling of just some of the successes we’ve had…

  • 80% profit in just 8 months… in Bucharest...

    While other investors were ignoring Eastern Europe, I spotted a steal of an apartment.

    Before I could even begin renovations, a buyer came to me cash in hand, almost doubling my money…

  • Paris is one of the world’s most proven and stable rental markets… Owning a rental property here can add a lifestyle element you won’t find in other investments…
  • 6% yield in one of the world’s top luxury markets...

    Paris is not a bargain-basement marketplace… but if you know what you’re doing you can own an apartment in the City of Light that you can use whenever you’d like and rent out otherwise to earn far more passive income than your bank is paying you today.

    Paris is one of the world’s most proven rental markets. I know. I’ve invested in four apartments in this city over the years, all of which have produced solid returns year on year.

    Meantime, in each case, each property has appreciated in value, in some cases significantly… by as much as 150% and more.

    And one of the Paris apartments I own today will play an important role in Kathleen’s and my retirement plan. We intend to spend several months per year at home in this charming and beautiful appreciating asset that, right now, is generating much appreciated cash flow…

  • 200% profit from a market in crisis…

    Argentina imploded in early 2000s. My research showed me that, rather than trouble, this spelled opportunity.

    I bought 3 apartments, in great locations. I set them up as short-term rentals… fully managed by local contacts.

    The result? 8% annual yields for a full 6 years… until I sold the properties for double my investment…

  • 29% per year from “being the bank” and leveraging currency spreads…

    A developer in Australia offered me 16% per year to fund a portion of his development there.

    16% per year is great… but even better, the Aussie dollar strengthened during the 18 months my money was invested... almost doubling my total return

  • $100,000 in equals $750,000 out… in just 5 years!

    This one hurts a little.

    I spotted this opportunity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but couldn’t pull the trigger at the time.

    One of my readers did, though, and he couldn’t be happier.

    On my recommendation, he bought an apartment for just $100,000 and sold it just 5 years later for three quarters of a million dollars!

  • A free, fully serviced lot in paradise…

    Upon my recommendation, a couple of readers bought a piece of land on the island of Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

    They divided the land in 3… built a road and brought in electricity… then sold one plot to recoup their entire investment.

    Essentially, they each got a free, serviced plot of land in paradise …one that could sell for double what each had invested in the first place…

  • 100% profits in Colombia…

    This is a straightforward example of seeing opportunity where others see trouble…

    In 2011, I ignored the world’s misperceptions about the reality on the ground in what has become one of my favorite cities in the world and purchased an apartment at a prime location in downtown Medellín, Colombia.

    As of this writing, that apartment is worth more than double what I paid for it. Most exciting? This market is nowhere near the top…

  • More than 40% per year for 5 years on the Emerald Isle…

    In 1999, I bought an historic Georgian house on a small piece of land in Waterford, Ireland. I should say Kathleen and I bought this house, as we purchased it as a place to live with our family.

    5 years later, we sold the house for 2.5 times what we had invested in it.

    The timing of this investment couldn’t have been better. We sold just months before the roaring Celtic Tiger market began to quiet down. Just two years later, the Irish property market had collapsed completely.

    Timing can be everything…

  • 30% per year on Spain’s Sun Coast…

    In 2000, I made my first pre-construction investment. I purchased a 1-bedroom apartment on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

    Kathleen didn’t want me to do it. I still remember that phone call… me in a hotel on the Spanish coast… Kathleen back home in Ireland with the kids…

    “If you’re really sure about this,” I remember her saying that night… “I guess go ahead…”

    Every husband understands the risk I took by deciding to proceed with the opportunity I’d uncovered.

    I tossed and turned all night then returned to the agent’s office the next morning to sign the papers.

    Then I flew home to Waterford.

    Over the next two years, as construction continued, I made payments, as agreed in my purchase contract. In all, I paid in a third of the total cost of the unit.

    Then, before I’d even begun shopping for a buyer, one presented himself… proposing a cash deal that returned me profits of more than 30% per year for each of the two years I’d “owned” the apartment…

    More than 60% profit on an apartment that wasn’t even completed and that I hadn’t even yet paid for.

    I have to admit that I sometimes look for opportunities to remind Kathleen of this Spanish costa investment success story…

  • Double-digit cash flow year after year in Panama’s boom town…

    In 2003 I made another pre-construction purchase… an ocean-view condo in one of the best locations in central Panama City. This unit I paid for in full… again, making payments over the term of construction.

    My Balboa Avenue apartment was delivered to me in 2007. In the nearly 10 years I’ve been renting it out since, it has remained 90%+ occupied, earning me a double-digit return year after year… as much as 20% per year some years.

    Meantime, this apartment in one of the best buildings and the best locations in this city is worth nearly two times what I paid for it.

    Someone recently offered to buy it from me.

    Why in the world would I sell this? A downtown ocean-view condo in Panama City is one of the best possible investments I can imagine. If I didn’t already own one, I’d be shopping to buy one.

    In this market, I’m a buyer, not a seller…

  • More than 25% growth in just one year in this Euro-market…

    One of my most recent investments was an apartment in an historic city on the coast of Portugal. This is another all-around success story…

    The apartment has been 90%+ rented since within 48 hours of being made available for rental.

    And it has appreciated in value at least 25% in the year I’ve owned it.

    And, again, I see considerable further upside in property values in this region…

    As you can see, investing in property overseas can be incredibly lucrative… and also enormously fun.

    In addition, every one of these deals offers you a private, safe place to move some of your wealth.

    For me, each and every property investment I make is like another Swiss bank account.

A Golden Age Of Opportunity

We have entered a Golden Age of property investment opportunities.

That is to say, looking at the world map today, I see opportunity in abundance.

What kinds of deals, specifically, do I make available to my Global Property Alert subscribers?

Here are three recent examples…

Cash Flow Opportunity #1 –
Fully Managed Vacation Rentals In A Prime But Overlooked
Caribbean Haven

Imagine owning a second home in the sun… near or even right on the beach.

Now imagine having somebody else pay for it!

That’s exactly what can happen when you buy right, in the right areas.

In fact, in this little-known fun-in-the-sun destination that I introduced to my Global Property Alert readers recently, rental demand outstrips supply, even in the “off” season.

This is the best of the Caribbean with a strong European influence—meaning fine restaurants, food markets, bakeries, and more…

This tropical paradise is an irresistibly appealing place to spend time… but the best part is that the numbers are irresistible, as well…

With an ultra-conservative 50% occupancy rate, you could yield 9.6% annually, after all expenses.

In addition, the government here has waived property taxes on this particular investment opportunity for 15 years, making this an even better buy.

Turn-key management is in place… meaning everything is taken care of for you.

Depending on how you structure the purchase, this could be an opportunity to effectively own free in one of the Caribbean’s most appealing sunny, sandy escapes… cash-flowing positive from the get-go.


You could reserve two weeks for your personal use every year to enjoy paradise before retiring there in several years.

Talk about a win-win.

Hands-off investment income plus a lifestyle opportunity to boot.

When you become a subscriber to Global Property Advisor, deals like these are the rule rather than the exception.

And vacation rentals are just the tip of the iceberg…

Cash Flow Opportunity #2 –
A Brand-New Agricultural Investment In Panama

In February 2014 I made one of the most important recommendations of my career.

That was the month I first turned my readers on to the mango plantation investment opportunity in Panama.

That opportunity sold out in less than 12 months.

Today it is on track to return 17% per year… just as projected. The first yields were paid out first-quarter 2017.

Here’s the important point now: The development group behind the mango plantation that hundreds of my followers were able to get in on has just launched a next opportunity… an opportunity that is equally impressive, also fully turnkey, that, like the mangos, taps into a fast-growing market, and that, like the mangos, projects to return more than 15% per year for the next 20 years.

I expect this new plantation opportunity to sell out quickly… just like the mangos did. That’s why I made sure my Global Property Alert subscribers learned of it first…

Cash Flow Opportunity #3 –
Turn-Key In A Booming Market

Half the population in this country is living in substandard housing… not because they can’t afford better but because the supply of better-standard housing is seriously inadequate.

What does a huge surplus of demand mean to you?

To me it means opportunity.

I have identified a series of pre-construction deals in this market that have allowed my Global Property Advisor subscribers to invest in prime-location apartments that project yields of up to 15% per year.

I continue to identify additional such opportunities in this market with years of upside that very few others are paying any attention to… and to share the complete details with my Global Property Advisor subscribers.

Your Risk-Free 90-Day
Test Drive Of

Global Property Advisor

My Global Property Advisor is your key to accessing the current abundance of opportunity available in key markets around the world…

It’s your chance to diversify your investment portfolio while super-charging your lifestyle…

It’s the secret not only to making money in the current global climate… but also to preserving and protecting the wealth you accumulate… while keeping it safe, secure, and private.

Here’s what you’ll get for your 90-day test drive—and beyond should you choose to remain a subscriber…

  • Your monthly issue of Global Property Advisor. The publication is digital and delivered to your inbox immediately each month… meaning real-time access to the world’s best property investment opportunities…

    Each issue features at least three current opportunities for investment, as well as from-the-scenes, boots-on-the-ground intelligence on markets we’re watching (and that you should be watching, too)…

  • Instant Property Alerts. Often we identify new and exciting real estate deals that we want you to know about right away.

    These can’t wait for the monthly issue, so we send them to you instantly via email.

    In some cases, timing is critical—with limited remaining inventory, for example, or first-in discounted pricing. You need to be able to jump on these deals… so as soon as we’ve got the details you get the details…

  • Guaranteed best pricing and terms. I won’t bring you deals that you could go out and get on your own cheaper.

    Every opportunity I present to you in my Global Property Advisor comes with the best possible pricing and the best possible financing… including, often, pricing and terms not available to anyone else anywhere.

    I do my best to beat these guys up on your behalf… to make sure you’re getting not only a great deal but the best possible deal. That’s a crucial benefit of being part of this like-minded group…

  • Access to my personal Rolodex. To make every real estate purchase you make overseas a success, you need the right in-country support in each case. This means lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and structures specialists.

    Sounds complicated… but it doesn’t have to be.

    That’s why I share access to my massive—and ever-expanding—rolodex of professionals in every market I recommend with every one of my Global Property Advisor subscribers. When you join our group, you’ll share access to the top-tier resources I’ve identified, many of whom I’ve worked with personally, in the world’s most interesting and profitable property markets…

  • Scouting and deal-making trips. It’s possible to invest in real estate overseas without ever getting on a plane or making a single scouting trip. Possible but not ideal. Plus, the scouting and shopping can be a whole lot of fun.

    My team and I are on the road almost continuously researching markets, looking at current opportunities, and vetting deals firsthand… and as a Global Property Advisor subscriber, you’ll be invited to tag along.

    You’re under no obligation, of course… but why not enjoy the lifestyle component of investing overseas!

    And, remember, any travel you make associated with the purchase or management of an investment overseas can be tax deductible…

In addition…

When you subscribe to Global Property Advisor today, you’ll also become a full-fledged Live and Invest Overseas Premium Member.

As a LIOS Premium Member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits…

  • Discounts on events and seminars. We hold events and seminars in a number of countries around the globe every year.

    At retail pricing, they’re a great deal.

    Especially when you consider the massive amount of quality information you’ll absorb and the deals you’ll have access to in person.

    But as a Premium Member, you’ll be invited to participate at every event enjoying a discount of $100 in each case.

    With one exception…

    At our flagship annual real estate event, my Global Property Summit, you’re invited to join us in the room at a $200 discount.

    That’s right. You participate in my annual Global Property Summit for 25% off the regular price.

  • An open invitation to the Premium Members-Only Private Gatherings that take place at all events. I’m constantly amazed at the level of brainstorming—and indeed deal-making—that goes on at these events.

  • Even if you never take part… you’ll learn a lot just by keeping an open ear during these private gatherings.

These events are the ideal starting point for launching or growing your overseas real estate portfolio.

And just to show you how powerful our events can be, we’d like to send you a gift…

For The First 50
Who Respond Only:

 Immediate Access To The Entire Bundle Of Recordings From My
Most Recent Global Property Summit

Our most recent Global Property Summit took place in Panama City last year.

Deals just like the ones I’ve described above were all presented in depth at the Summit.

Live attendees had a chance to speak directly with the developers.

Some invested on the spot… others collected details so they could follow up and get in later.

Many connections and much money were made.

“I had high expectations due to prior experience with Live and Invest Overseas conferences. The Global Property Summit lived up to these. New opportunities for investing were offered by passionate presenters.’’

--Mac Clabaugh, United States

“Lief does a great job and has a wealth of information. It’s great to learn from someone who has done what we all want to do and can pass along that information.”

--Dean Marietta, United States

“All presentations were packed with information not really available to general public. All Q+A sessions were very informative.”

--Rick Walker, United States

More than a dozen turn-key low-cost investment deals were presented in detail, in some cases with discounted pricing for Summit attendees only.

As with every event we host, we recorded every presentation over the three days of this most recent Global Property Summit.

I’d like to send you every one of those recordings when you become a Global Property Alert subscriber.

Attendees paid as much as $1,595 to be in the room with me and my global property investing team.

And the bundle of recordings from the event has since sold for $500.

Now, again, I’d like to make this complete Global Property Summit recordings package available to you free when you sign on right now to give my Global Property Advisor a look.

I have never before made this entire bundle of recordings (33 in total) available in this way; however, I will make this entire program of intelligence and opportunity available to the first 50 who respond to this offer.

This Is The Key To Building
And Safeguarding Wealth In Today’s World (While Having A Lot Of Fun In The Process)…

Global Property Advisor is a unique and invaluable resource that gives you direct access to the world’s best current opportunities for making money and building diversified wealth through real assets that are both secure and private.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive the monthly newsletter chock full of advice, tips, and potential deals… each presented in complete detail with all of the information, judgment, and market perspective you need to determine which are right for you.

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That benefit alone is worth $500.

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Global Property Advisor is just $69 per quarter…

I am asking you to invest, risk-free, $69 for the first 3 months.

Remember, the bundle of recordings from my most recent Global Property Summit alone is worth $500.

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Your $69 investment in Global Property Advisor is a drop in the bucket compared with the potential return.

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This 90-day test drive is completely risk-free. If you are not happy with the service, simply let us know, and we’ll refund every penny of the $69 you invested.

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You have nothing to lose and an enormous upside to tap into. Click the button below to begin now…

Lief Simon
Founder, Global Property Advisor

P.S. Foreign real estate is the last place on earth you can invest wisely without the IRS tracking your every move.

It’s not only fun, private, and lucrative… it’s protection against frivolous lawsuits, too.

And, thanks to the number of foreign markets in crisis, tax-deferral
and - elimination vehicles, easier and better access to markets of opportunity, and more, there’s never been a better time for you to get in this game.

Become a Global Property Advisor subscriber today and get started building real wealth that’s also safe, secure, and private.

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