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This Is Not Your Parents’ Retirement—
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The fundamental idea behind Overseas Living Letter is straightforward:

The world is alive with opportunities for living a rich, full, adventure-filled life… and realizing any of those opportunities is easier today than ever in history and easier all the time, thanks to 21st-century infrastructure and technology.

Furthermore and very important, these opportunities are not reserved for people of a certain age. These are equal-opportunity opportunities.

If you’re not loving the place where you’re living… consider moving someplace else!

Feeling restricted or restrained, impeded or confined, personally or financially? Feeling bored? Feeling adventuresome? Curious?

These are all valid and good reasons to take out a map and consider options for new and better.

When you do that, don’t limit yourself to choices within the country where you happen to be living at the time the urge for going strikes.

In the 35 years I’ve been covering this beat, the retire-overseas idea has evolved tremendously, and it continues to mature and to expand in more dramatic ways today.

In fact, today, talking about “retiring” overseas is misleading and misses the point.

So I don’t do it anymore… at least not in the same way I used to.

Today the opportunity is not to retire overseas… at least not only to retire overseas.

Today the opportunity is to reinvent yourself overseas at any age.

This Is About Rescuing Your Retirement… And So Much More!

If you’re at or nearing conventional retirement age, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. The ideas we share and the recommendations we make will be (we hope) valuable, worthwhile, and horizon-expanding for you.

And they could well be the secret to rescuing your future.

As much of the world sits helplessly on the sidelines, wondering how to act amidst ongoing global crises… worrying how they’ll cope… how they’ll ever be able to afford to retire… Overseas Living Letter shows you how to take control of your destiny.

You don’t have to settle for an average retirement… and you certainly don’t have to downsize your current lifestyle to make it through your retirement years. With the help of Overseas Living Letter, you’re on your way to an extraordinary retirement overseas, even if your retirement budget is very small

Somewhere in the world, your new life awaits. In each monthly issue of your Overseas Living Letter, we’ll introduce you to your best current options, in real time and from the scene. Over the coming months, as we turn the spotlight on our editors’ picks for the world’s top retirement and lifestyle havens, you will embark on a journey across white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, medieval villages, cobbled streets, colonial cities, hilltop escapes, tropical islands, and beyond…

In other words, every taste will be catered for… and, yes, every budget, too.

In each issue, you’ll read about the best and most appealing places in the world to think about spending time. In addition, each feature report will be backed up by the data and the details—on cost of living, health care, taxes, residency, property purchase, banking, and every other area of concern to the would-be retiree overseas—that you’ll need to follow through on any specific recommendation we offer.

Some of the places we spotlight may make more sense for older couples on a budget… others for younger couples with school-aged children…

Some might appeal especially to singles (including a single woman, for example) considering making a move…

Some are ideal for the would-be entrepreneur, be he 68 or 28…

But, bottom line, every one of the destinations we feature in the virtual pages of Overseas Living Letter is a place worthy of your consideration as you shop the world map for where best to hang your hat, full- or part-time, near or long-term.

These are the world’s best opportunities not only for retiring overseas… but for living overseas, again, at any stage of life… your top choices for diversifying your life beyond your home country’s borders, regardless of your age or any other personal circumstance.

Regardless even of your personal financial circumstances.

Addressing ways and means for creating an income to subsidize or to support in full your new life in a new country is an important feature of Overseas Living Letter each month. Each issue includes a column focused on this specifically that introduces you to new ideas and markets for earning an income, supporting yourself through your laptop, or starting a business, virtual or bricks and mortar.

What You Can Expect Each Month

In addition, each issue of Overseas Living Letter gives you a feel for the local real estate market in each destination featured (as our experts seek out the best values for your buck), a breakdown of the cost of living, a taste of local culture and lifestyle, healthcare options, residency requirements… everything you need to know, including all the vital contacts you’ll need to coordinate your move and to establish your new life.

As well each month we share current and timely details of news and opportunities from around the globe of particular interest and benefit to you, the about-to-be retiree, expat, or entrepreneur abroad. From the mainstream press, you get doom and gloom. From our editors and correspondents, you get opportunity, discovery, and adventure.

Retirees and investors… baby boomers, millennials, and digital nomads… entrepreneurs and beach bums… parents, grandparents, children, and recent grads…

Wanderers, adventurers, and explorers, all… of any age, any situation… you’re all invited to this party.

Young, old, rich, or not so much, doesn’t matter. All you need to make a go of this is an open mind.

We’ll provide everything else—the ideas and recommendations for where and the intelligence, insights, and judgment for how… in the pages of your Overseas Living Letter each month.

We’ll be in touch again soon. And we’re standing by to help. Reach us with questions and comments at CustomerService@OverseasLivingLetter.com.


Kathleen Peddicord
Founding Publisher, Overseas Living Letter

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