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2. Second is our Panama Special Report “Panama City Beaches”. The multitude of expats who have arrived in the last decade, or so, has turned the immediate Coronado area into a Little America. Strip malls resemble those found Stateside, restaurants are often gringo-run, stores are big, shiny, and new, and English can be heard as often as Spanish when walking the aisles. This is the area that most people refer to when discussing the City Beaches… But there’s more to be had than this well-worn path…

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3. Next is our Panama Special Report “Bocas del Toro”. Panama’s Bocas del Toro archipelago in the Caribbean is one of this country’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s also an interesting lifestyle and retirement choice for anyone looking for the island life, and this quintessential Caribbean destination of white-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters is home to a friendly and welcoming community of just under 7,500 people.

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4. Your fourth bonus is our Panama Special Report “Boquete”. Boquete is one of the top retirement options in Panama. For 20 years this pretty mountain town has appeared regularly on lists of the world’s top retirement havens. Boquete has a great deal to offer the expat retiree, including one of the world’s most established expat communities.

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5. Next is our Panama Special Report “Casco Viejo”. Often regarded as the Soho of Latin America, the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood now offers a different kind of city life than is found throughout the rest of Panama City.Foreigners who adopt Casco as their residence live side by side with its long-established Panamanian population, rich and poor, as well as with fellow-foreigners of the tourist variety. More so than anywhere else in Panama, Casco is an integration of not only different nationalities but different social classes and cultures.

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6. You also now have access to the Panama Special Report “Marbella And Bella Vista”. Marbella and its surrounding area is Panama City’s banking district and the engine room of the country’s booming economy. The more than 100 glittering banks and financial institutions taking advantage of a highly favorable investment framework and legal structure. This area brings you the oceanfront Avenida Balboa, the Multicentro shopping mall, the Radisson Decapolis Hotel and Casino, the towering Hard Rock Hotel, Calle 50 with all its lofty and outlandish bank buildings, the city’s year-old metro system, and a small handful of old villas left from a time when Panama City was populated by men in Panama hats.

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Peg Fairbairn with April Hess


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