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The secret is diversification... but not in the way that you might think...
Here's why you need to go offshore now... and how to do it...

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

If you think that a half-hearted attempt at diversification is going to cut it when it all hits the fan then you're going to be sorely disappointed. These are unbelievably volatile times—financially, politically, and otherwise. Economies are collapsing. Foreign nations are grabbing power. Governments are printing money with reckless abandon.

Once a sure bet, the United States is poised on the brink of an imminent meltdown. And the rest of the Western world is in the same boat. No single country is a safe haven.

Diversification—as it's touted elsewhere—won't prepare you for what's about to come. Traditional diversification strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more that you need to be doing to safeguard your family's future.

Yes, there's an incredible amount of instability and uncertainty. But here's one thing you can be certain about...

There's still time to hedge against: inflation, litigious thieves, corrupt and prying governments, total financial meltdown and more—by properly diversifying your life…and truly going international.

Here's why...

The Diversification Myth

America is no longer the "land of the free and the home of the brave." It's become the land of tax-and-spend politicians... and the home of the meek. Politicians are ruining the country and the citizens are too afraid—or too ignorant—to do much of anything about it.

The American government is running out of money. Fast. It has to borrow money—every month—just to service its debt. Your family couldn't survive long doing that. And neither can the U.S. government.


  • It now costs the U.S. government more to make payments on its debt then the revenue it brings in through taxes.

  • Russia and China have virtually abandoned the U.S. dollar, preferring to do trade in local currencies instead. For example, they recently cut a $400 billion deal to supply China with natural gas. The contract will be paid in Chinese renminbi, not the dollar.

  • Germany (the world's fourth largest GDP) is now connected to China via one of the world's longest railways. The move—called the New Silk Road—connects trade between Europe and China.

I'm afraid the money—and the power—are leaving the United States swiftly—and moving East. 

So if your idea of diversifying is to "mix up" your investments inside the United States then it's time you rethink your strategy. That's not really diversification at all... even if that's what your financial planner would have you believe.

Throughout history, failed governments have turned inward to its people when looking for money to continue feeding the bureaucracy. It doesn’t take much creativity to simply seize some or all of the assets of its citizens.

And I am not talking about Rome. You only have to look to Cyprus in 2012-2013 to see a very real example of a government stealing its people’s money.

Think it can't happen here?

U.S. debt is around $20.6 trillion at the time of this writing, an unprecedented amount. And it’s rapidly climbing.

Any thinking person can see debt at that level is simply unsustainable…

Change must happen at some point, and I’d bet that Americans won’t like the fallout.

Eventually, finally, the government will need to make a run for its citizens’ money in some way.

It's not like Cyprus—yet—but I believe it will be.

It's a clear signal that the United States is taking a run for your money. It's not like Cyprus—yet—but I believe it will be.

And what you've been taught about diversification is not going to help you. Not even a little.

  • What good is a diversified mutual fund portfolio going to do for you if the government takes steals it from you—in the name of Patriotism?

  • What good is owning real estate here if it’s no longer worth anything?

  • What good is your American passport when things really go sideways and you want to leave…but aren’t allowed?

The solution is simple...

Truly go international. Get as much of your money—and your life—out of the United States as you can—and put it in places around the world that make sense.

You don’t have to leave the United States if you don’t want to. But you need to be ready when the time comes...

Secret Global Diversification Strategies
For Turbulent Times

"... we have a system where we can
allocate capital without tax consequences.
We can move money as the text books say
to where it can be usefully deployed... "
~ Warren Buffett

My name is Lief Simon. And I've got something to confess. I really don't care if the American economy finally collapses.


Care is the wrong word I suppose.

I care. But my life—and my finances—wouldn't skip a beat. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the economy of the United States could finally bite the dust any day now. And so I've learned not to bank my future on the United States. I am suggesting that you take the same strategy.

I've moved my money—strategically—in various places around the world. If the American dollar collapses, some of my investments might suffer temporary setbacks, but nothing permanent. Most will be completely unaffected.

The good news is...

You can do the same. And as exotic as go international sounds, it's a lot simpler than you think. This is something you can do—starting today—no matter what your current financial situation is.

In fact, it's easier to do if you don't have a lot of investments currently. But if you are invested heavily, it's all the more urgent you get started now—before it's too late.

And, it's not just your investments either. There are advantages to be had in setting up residencies (even citizenships), bank accounts, and more in various other countries around the world.

Here's just a small sampling of what you can do...

  1. Invest in foreign currencies. While the U.S. dollar is being debased by the government printing money at will, other countries' currencies are actually appreciating at 5% to 7% or more. Some of these currencies are pegged to the American dollar—so you can get the benefits of any strengthening of the dollar—but they can be unpegged at any time, so when the dollar tanks, it doesn't drive them downward. All reward, no risk.

  2. Open a foreign bank account. Remember how Cyprus closed the banks so they could effectively steal the money of their citizens? It can happen in the United States too. But if you choose a stable, private jurisdiction to set up a bank account, then your money will be safe when the U.S. government comes for it. 

  3. Invest in productive foreign real estate. If the American government comes for your money they will be in for a surprise. The government is not able to compel you to sell your piece of land in Chile (for example). So buying foreign real estate is a great way to protect your money. But if you also buy real estate that's productive (perhaps a farm) then there are other advantages—not the least of which is having somewhere to go (and something to eat) in the event of some domestic catastrophe.

  4. Invest in offshore variable annuities. If you do so in the right jurisdictions, then you'll have a safe stream of income for your future—or your family’s future. And you'll grow that nest-egg tax deferred.

  5. Start a business offshore. Depending on your situation, this could provide huge legal and tax advantages. It's a complex subject—one that I'll talk about further shortly.

The bottom line is that offshore investing offers you tax advantages, legal protection from frivolous lawsuits and privacy and protection from desperate governments looking for quick, easy cash.

Again, this is just a small sampling of what you can do—and why you should consider it. Everybody is different so I can't give you an exact step-by-step blueprint here.

But you should know... these strategies sound exotic but they are much easier to do than you think—especially if you get the right advice upfront.

I know—because I have done all of that, and more.

“Thank you, ‘Father Lief,' for a most wonderful letter. With you (and your wife's) guidance, I am about to embark on my own voyage... moving to Mexico. Letters such as the one I just read from you are ever so helpful. Thanks again!”
-- B.N., United States

The Offshore Guru With
Feet On The Ground

Lief Simon
Simon Letter Editor

I hate the word "guru" but I suppose it is fitting. There's so many people out there teaching people how to diversify internationally when they've never even done it themselves!

There are guys that never even leave the United States—yet they are teaching you how to go global.

So, while I hate the word "guru", I will take the label on grudgingly. You see, I live the kind of life I am encouraging you to live. You may not want to be as extreme as I am, but I want you to know that you are getting advice from somebody who really walks the
walk—it's not just talk.

I have...

  • lived and worked in 7 countries on 5 continents

  • traveled to more than 70 countries

  • bought and sold real estate in 26 countries

  • started business ventures in 10 countries

  • opened multiple foreign bank accounts

  • acquired a second passport

  • and more...

Again, what works for me may not work exactly for you. But I wanted to convey to you that I am well qualified to speak to you on offshore diversification.

At this point, you likely see the need to move some of your investments offshore—but you might be wondering where to begin...

How To Get Started With Offshore Investing

A lot of people see what is happening in the United States and they get worried and act impulsively. One of the countries we often recommend is Panama. Some people hear this and they want to pick up and move everything down to Panama.

Well... that's good—unless things go bad in Panama too.

That's not diversification. That's called moving.

True diversification is not depending on any one country—or investment vehicle. And it's something you can start small with. But you have to be careful...

It will come as no surprise to you but the world is always changing. You may hear offshore investing advice that was good just 3 months ago that has now become obsolete.

So you have to be careful where you get your information from, as being misinformed can be both costly and dangerous.

Honestly, the best way to stay on top of the ever-changing world of offshore investing is to get the information directly from me and my team. It's what we live and breathe every day.

But there aren't enough hours in the day for me to be able to help everybody.

That's why I started...

“Way to go, Lief... Your type of answers and information are exactly what we need. The last letter was great. I really enjoyed reading Lee Harrison again. He has a great writing style and fills in all the information. Missed his information over the last couple of years. Keep up the good work.”
-- R.S., United States

Simon Letter: Real-Time Offshore Investing Advice From Somebody Actually "In The Trenches"

I've learned over the years that not everybody who doles out international investing advice actually knows what they're talking about.

More importantly, I've learned that there is a growing need for the information. More and more people like yourself are coming to see that their money is just not safe in the United States. And there are plenty of advantages to investing offshore.

That's why I created and continue to write Simon Letter. Simon Letter is an email newsletter covering the latest in offshore topics to help you internationalize your life. It is sent out once per month, directly to your email inbox.

Let's be clear about one thing...

The goal of Simon Letter is not to tell you exactly what to invest in—or where to invest. That would be completely irresponsible of me given that I don't know you or your current situation or your future goals.

Rather, the goal of Simon Letter is to keep you up-to-date and informed on all of your various opportunities out there—and there are many.

Simon Letter presents a buffet of options—and you get to pick and choose from the buffet as you like.

AND, something else you should know...

I'm a straight-up guy and I tell it like it is. I don't sugarcoat anything. If you are looking for advice on dodging taxes or other illegal activities then Simon Letter is not for you.

But, if you are looking for advice on how to legally minimize your taxes and risk, then you'll be interested in what I have to share with you.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of topics covered in Simon Letter. Inside, you'll discover...

  • When (and where) you should establish residencyor even citizenshipin a foreign country. You'll learn which countries make sense, what the tax advantages are, and exactly how to go about actually doing it—if and when you are ready.

  • How (and where) to open a foreign bank account. Not all jurisdictions are created equal when it comes to security and privacy. You'll discover which countries are best to bank in now (this continues to change as the United States rolls out laws like FATCA).

  • Where to find great deals on real estateespecially productive real estate. There's something about having tangible property in other countries that is extremely comforting. There's little—if any—negative impact when the dollar crashes... and because the property is in a foreign jurisdiction, courts in the United States can't touch it in the event of a judgment from a frivolous law suit.

  • In Februaryor thereaboutsyou'll get my Annual Tax Guide For Americans Living, Investing, And Doing Business Overseas. You'll get advice on how to report income from foreign assets, how to handle foreign bank accounts, what to do if you report income in a foreign country, and so on. While this is no substitute for personal tax advice from your accountant, it does give you a start in the right direction and can even assist your professional in preparing your taxes.

  • Many issues of Simon Letter are focused on a particular country.  You get in-depth, real-world, practical information on local banking, citizenship and residency options, asset structures and protection techniques, business incentives, and more. This is not general information that is scraped quickly from Google—it is real world knowledge gleaned from actual experience on places like Belize, Panama, Malta, Ireland, Singapore, and more.

  • Each issue contains questions from your fellow membersand my real world answers. You are free to ask specific questions too. And although I can't answer every single question that comes in, I do my best. Besides—a lot of the questions are common so you'll probably get some great, relevant advice in this section.

  • And a whole lot more. I know of no other source dedicated to bringing you as much up-to-date, real-world offshore diversification information as Simon Letter.
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No "Doom and Gloom" Here

There's one thing I want to mention here—lest you get the wrong idea. A lot of my colleagues speak a lot of "doom and gloom" to try to scare you into buying their stuff. That's not my style.

I've talked so far about the U.S. economy collapsing. I believe it's not an if—but a when. It could be days, weeks, or months from now. Or it could be 10 years from now.

It doesn't really matter.

I believe in diversifying internationally so that you have peace of mind—and it doesn't matter what happens in the United States—or anywhere else in the world for that matter. You won't be dependent on any one single country.


Simon Letter is not "doom and gloom." But there's no rose-colored glasses either. This is all about real-world, practical, honest information that will guide you to a better future.


There's so much actionable information contained inside each issue of Simon Letter that—by itself—it can easily get you started down the path to offshore diversification. But I'd be remiss if I did not mention...

When you become a member of Simon Letter, you'll also receive the following:

    Offshore Living Letter—designed to accompany Simon Letter, this email newsletter is delivered twice weekly. Because our world is constantly changing, sometimes there's important information that can't wait until the next monthly installment of Simon Letter...this is how I keep you "on the pulse".

    A $50 gift certificate good toward any of our Live and Invest Overseas conferences—we put on various conferences throughout the year dedicated to a number of different countries. This gift certificate will entitle you to $50 off any of these conferences.

I trust you can see the value of what I am offering you here. If you are certain—as I am—that leaving your money inside the United States is just too risky and if you are looking to diversify internationally then there is no better source of information to help you do that.

"I just received my first issue of your Simon Letter and I must say well done! I read it straight through, twice. The articles by Mrs. Grey, Nagel, and others were thought provoking and disturbing. Congratulations on a great start to the new publication."
--B.S., United States

Simon Letter will save you countless hours of research and help you avoid costly mistakes. As such, the advice contained could be worth many thousands of dollars to you.

I could easily charge $1,000 per year for Simon Letter and you'd still be getting a bargain.

But this isn't strictly about the money for me. I do well enough with my businesses and investments that I don't need to make a fortune on Simon Letter. I'd rather help as many people as possible get their money out of harms way.


I normally charge $149 per year for Simon Letter. And it's a bargain at that price. But for a limited time you can access Simon Letter for a full year at only $97—a 35% savings from the regular price.

That's just over $8 a month for real-world, hard-hitting information that can save you thousands of dollars.

Click the button below to sign up now...

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BONUS: Get-Up-To-Speed-Quick Package

There's a lot of information that's been covered in past issues of Simon Letter —information that you might need as background for upcoming issues.

To that end, I've prepared 3 Special Reports for you that will be delivered via email immediately after you join Simon Letter.

These reports will get you up-to-speed quickly and they contain essential information to get you started down the road of offshore investing.

Here's what you'll get...


Special Report #1: COVID-19 Opportunities Offshore... the pandemic has changed economies and markets, creating a generational window of opportunity for those that can act decisively—we’ll show you what you must know...


Special Report #2: Retire Up—How To Protect And Grow Your Wealth (Even In Times Of Economic Meltdown)... Lief Simon’s 6-step blueprint helped him and his readers thrive through the 2000 and 2008 crises... start now in order to prosper through whatever comes next...


Special Report #3: Tax Season, Again… Our annual tax guide for Americans, living, investing, and doing business overseas.

I trust you can see the value in these special reports. They'll be delivered to you immediately when you sign up for Simon Letter.

They'll give you the background you need to be fully up-to-speed on offshore investing and they'll make coming issues of Simon Letter much more meaningful to you.

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If you're quick, I've got a couple of other special reports for you...

“How refreshing your writings are. Shocking... you tell the truth! Really just wanted to say, THANK YOU, for telling your readers the truth. They need to be prepared and use ‘tactics' to make it work in many other countries; AND they should seriously consider dual residences if at all possible.”
--L.F., United States


So, let me recap exactly what you get when you sign up for Simon Letter today for only $147 $97 You get...

  • 12 full issues of Simon Letter delivered to your email inbox—1 per month. Each issue is packed with real-world insider information from people who are actually doing what they teach.

  • Access to Offshore Living Letter.This email newsletter is delivered twice weekly and lets me keep your finger on the pulse of exactly what is happening in the offshore investing world.

  • A $50 gift certificate good for using against enrollment in any of our Live and Invest Overseas conferences. If you are not familiar with our conferences let me tell you—they are the place to be if you want to know all there is to know about a particular country. You'll learn more about the conferences inside Simon Letter.

  • Special Report #1: COVID-19 Opportunities Offshore... the pandemic has changed economies and markets, creating a generational window of opportunity for those that can act decisively—we’ll show you what you must know...
  • Special Report #2: Retire Up—How To Protect And Grow Your Wealth (Even In Times Of Economic Meltdown)... Lief Simon’s 6-step blueprint helped him and his readers thrive through the 2000 and 2008 crises... start now in order to prosper through whatever comes next...
  • Special Report #3: Tax Season, Again… Our annual tax guide for Americans, living, investing, and doing business overseas.

Now, I know that's a lot of information. But it's my goal to arm you with what you need to begin calmly and confidently diversifying your money and your life internationally.

You get all of this for only $147 $97 (if you act today).

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“God bless you for your gracious demeanor in explaining again for the unenlightened the insightful use of the few tax codes on the books that allow a U.S. citizen to try to hold on to what few dollars we have left legally. Thanks for your great publication.”
--B.W., United States

Here’s What You Need To Do...

I am sure you can see the value here. Diversifying internationally is the right thing to do. And I'm the right guy to show you how to get started because I actually live and invest offshore... I am speaking from experience, not textbook theory.

So, how do you get started?

Everything is automated. Simply click the button below to begin the process. 

Once payment is complete, then you'll automatically receive the very next issue of Simon Letter (delivered monthly to your email inbox) and Offshore Living Letter (delivered twice a week to your email inbox).


You'll receive your 3 free Special Reports immediately upon signing up so that you can get started right away.

All you have to do is click the button below to begin. The process is automated, so you can do so at any time of day or night. It's simple and secure—and full instructions are provided.

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I don't want you to live in fear of what's to come but I don't want you to be like an ostrich with your head in the sand either.

Bad things are coming to the United States.

Bad things are coming to other countries too.

There's no single country that's a safe haven.

That's the whole point of my message:

Security comes with picking the right investments inside the right countries at the right time... and doing so in a diversified manner.

It's not about moving yourself and all your investments to a “better” country. It's about being indifferent (financially) about what happens anywhere in the world because your offshore diversification plan has you covered.

It's about choosing to fly above the clouds so you are aware of the storm yet unaffected by its repercussions.

The keys to security, confidence, and lasting wealth are yours for the taking. All you have to do is take action...

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Speak to you soon!

Lief Simon
Offshore Investment Guru
Editor, Simon Letter

P.S. Maybe you wish life was like the "good old days" where diversification meant investing in a few mutual funds. Life is not like that anymore—things are volatile. I write Simon Letter because I've seen people lose their shirt—right at the time they were supposed to be retiring and enjoying life.

I don't want that to happen to you. I want your financial future to be secure. Both for you and for those you care about. Going offshore is the only way I know how to bulletproof your financial future. But you've got to do it right.

Simon Letter will show you the way.

It's a brave new world. I invite you to join me...

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“I like it that you don't try to use scare tactics like some do. 🙂 Thanks again! You and your wife are doing a great service.”
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