One Ticket…
All Access…

For Life…
Because Going Overseas Is An
Adventure That Never Ends…

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"Kathleen, I wish I could come to every single one of your events… forever!"

When an attendee at one of our conferences years ago made this remark to me, I smiled politely in response.

The world is alive with
opportunity for living well, retiring better, and making money overseas. Come… let us show you!

We were at the farewell cocktail party. People say all sorts of things at our conference cocktail parties, and I understand. They're caught up in the excitement, thinking about their prospects for starting whole new lives overseas. It's easy to get carried away by the atmosphere at these bon voyage events.

This attendee wasn't finished with me, though.

"Is there a way I could get to participate in all of your conferences at a discount?" he wondered. "Or even to get in free after I'd attended a few times?"

Checking that Lief, my accountant-husband, was well out of earshot (even the suggestion of me giving anything away free would have had him choking on his mojito and me escorted off the premises), I decided to probe a little deeper with our enthusiastic conference guest.

I was intrigued by his idea, I told him. But I had one big concern…

Had we not helped him enough already?

Hugely informative. Even after reading the Live and Invest Overseas newsletters religiously and thinking I had a pretty good understanding, I still learned a ton of new things! Thank you!!!

--Linda Humphrey, United States

He'd sat through all the presentations and spoken with the experts (from international real estate gurus, medical professionals, and health insurance specialists to tax attorneys, bankers, and country correspondents), including personally during the coffee breaks and the cocktail receptions. He'd loaded up his laptop bag with notes and follow-up materials. He'd established a network to help him take the next steps in pursuing his dream of moving overseas…

What was he missing? Why would he want to come back to participate in future conferences, again and again, as he was suggesting?

As the waiter topped up our wine glasses, my new friend didn't hesitate with his response, and what he said struck a chord with me:

"This doesn't all stop once we make a decision and make a move overseas," he told me. "We're going to have a whole new life to establish and then to get used to… and we have no idea where all this will lead us next…

"I feel there's so much more out there for us," he went on. "This first step we're taking now is only the beginning. We definitely are going to need your ongoing help!"

How could I argue with this guy?

When you decide to go overseas, you're making one of the biggest life changes possible. You're leaving behind your "safe" life for something better… but completely different.

Something exciting… but also terrifying.

But here's perhaps the biggest secret to all this… an insight that is too rarely shared:

Our conferences showcase the world's best opportunities from Panama to Belize… Ecuador to Mexico… France to Ireland… Italy to Istanbul… and beyond…

Taking the first step can be scary. But, once you've taken it, it's not only your lifestyle that changes (for the better). It's your perspective, too. Quickly, your concerns and fears about facing a new life in a new country fade away… and your horizons shift and broaden. Suddenly, you don't see obstacles when you look around. You see opportunity. From your new geographic vantage point, the world is a new place. At times, the options for what you could do and where you could go next can be dizzying.

I was impressed that this conference attendee seemed already to suspect what lie ahead for him. He'd already figured out that this all-important first step was only… well, just that. A first step. That would lead to a second… and on and on.

Not only did this forward-thinking attendee have an insight that it took me (to tell you the truth) much longer to cop on to… he also had the presence of mind to realize that, as his overseas adventures continued to unfold, he'd continue to need help and support from the pros.

Reserve My Place!

Free conferences for life?!

I wanted to help this like-minded, adventure-seeking soul. But free conferences? For life? It seemed such a lot to give away. How in the world would I get Lief on board with the idea?

Then, not long after this conversation, it happened again…

Different event, different attendee, same question: Could we make it possible to enjoy access to all of our conferences with one ticket?

Since then, I've been asked about the possibility of some type of conference package deal at least a dozen times.

For a long time, I held back. As I said, it really is a lot to give away.

But I've always felt a little guilty…

Because, for so long, I've personally been enjoying all the privileges these folks have been asking me for.

Meet the experts!

I've been in the business of living and investing overseas for three decades. In those 30 years, I've built an unparalleled global network of go-to people who are the experts in their respective fields. Catching up with these folks face-to-face is one of the biggest benefits for me personally of all the conferences that we host.

Every international move, every real estate investment, every business opportunity I've taken advantage of has been thanks to the help and support of these experts. And, more important, thanks to being in their company on a regular basis.

So, now, I've made a decision…

If you have big plans for your future overseas, I think you'll find this very good news…

A lifetime of support from the
Live and Invest Overseas global family…

At last, I'm delighted to announce the launch of the Live and Invest Overseas All Access Pass.

I enjoyed all the presentations I was able to attend. It helped open doors to some issues that had never crossed my mind and educated me in areas where I had questions. It was a pleasure meeting people I had been reading and/or watching on websites. Thank you for holding these awesome conferences.

--Barbara Leicht, United States

This is the "golden ticket" that so many readers over the years have been desperately seeking. The special pass that allows you free entry to every single conference on our calendar, so you can get the support you need as you engineer your new global lifestyle… as often as you need it… for the rest of your life.

The All Access Pass is available starting today—at a very special price—but only to a limited number of readers.

We can allow only 10 readers to become All Access Pass members at this time. (Remember, this is for life. With one of these passes, you could join us at dozens… even hundreds of free conferences. You understand, I'm sure, why we can't make this available without limit.)

I'll tell you exactly how you can secure your All Access Pass in a moment. But, first, let me give you a little background on Live and Invest Overseas conferences, so you can appreciate the opportunity that's on the table here…

Three things you'll walk away with from every Live And Invest Overseas conference you attend

Our events cover all aspects of living, retiring, and investing overseas, from relocating to a new country to making a real estate investment in a hot market and customizing your own offshore asset protection plan.

Have all your live, retire, and invest overseas questions
answered live and in person…

We tackle these issues sometimes in a big-picture way, focusing on a number of top havens at once to help you compare and contrast as you work to make a choice for where you want to spend your time and your money… and, other times, at many of our in-country conferences, we focus on particular destinations. (I'll share more details on what, specifically, we have in store on our 2019 calendar in just a minute.)

But, no matter where in the world we are hosting a conference, and no matter what our focus is, I promise you'll walk away from every experience with these three things:

1. A plan of action

I feel much better prepared now and therefore more confident in planning to retire in another country.

--Stephen Scott, United States

Once you've been in the room with our experts, you'll spend a lot less time day-dreaming about the life you could have… because you'll now be in a position to begin putting your escape plan into action.

You'll come away from every single conference you attend with a clear sense not only of where in the world you might want to go (whether it's to lose yourself in a sleepy French village… play cowboy across the Argentine pampas… or wake to the sound of the ocean from your beachfront villa in Thailand, Spain, or maybe Panama)… but, as well (and this is the important point), with an understanding of the steps you need to take to make your dream real.

2. An infrastructure of support

You've probably figured this out already, but here's an important fundamental: You aren't going to make a success of your new life overseas on your own. Well, you could DIY a new life in a new country, but I don't really recommend it.

This [conference] was extremely useful. I love all your morning modules every day. Excellent info! Perpetual Traveler with Vicki & Paul was the best for me and the fact that I could speak about travel with them afterward was very valuable. Showed me I've been living this life with fits and starts my whole life and that now I'm ready to really get rid of the ‘stuff' and take off!

--Sue R., United States

When you begin to explore your options for living, retiring, and investing around the world, you realize quickly that the difference between an exciting new life, the retirement of your dreams, and a diversified investment portfolio that positions you and your family for long-term wealth… and a hassle-filled, challenge-filled experience that can have you wondering why in the world you ever thought any of this was a good idea… is getting the right advice and the best possible support.

The bigger your live, retire, and invest overseas dreams and agendas, the more important your foundation of support becomes.

Frankly, investing in real estate or starting a business in another country without getting counsel from the pros and real-world advice from others who've already done what you're considering doing can be just plain foolish.

And putting you in touch with just such a network of support, on the ground in every country of opportunity we target, is one of the big benefits of our conferences. The introductions and the personal connections you'll enjoy at every conference you attend will make it possible for you to develop your life of ongoing adventure overseas with confidence. And that's a big deal.

3. People who "get" you

New friends… good times… in the
world's most appealing places to spend time…

If you've been sharing your live, retire, and invest overseas plans and dreams with friends and family, you've probably had to endure your share of naysayers—folks who think you've lost your marbles or fallen off your rocker. Or, worse, maybe they think your big ideas are symptoms of a midlife crisis, so they indulge you, politely, while waiting for the foolishness to pass.

Once you walk through the doors at one of our conferences, none of that matters because, from the minute you enter the room, you're among like-minded company. At our conferences, you'll find your new global family, hundreds, even, over time, thousands of folks just like you, all of whom have been—or are right now—in the same boat as you are.

In our world, living and doing business overseas and moving around the world in search of opportunity is "normal." When you become part of this community, you'll never again have to explain why you want to do what you want to do. It's inspiring to be around so many open thinkers… people who are less about the "but's" and all about the "what if's"…

Being a tag along [to the conference], I wasn't expecting to be engaged. But I am now intrigued and inspired…

--J. S. , United States

You'll see. It's almost impossible, once you've become part of this community, not to find the motivation you need to join the ranks of the people who've already recreated themselves internationally.

And (though I can't guarantee it) there have been occasions when we've converted tag-along spouses—not altogether willing participants who thought they'd just sit by the pool by day and join us for cocktails at sunset—to the live, retire, and invest overseas way of thinking.

If that's what you can get out of one conference, just imagine how much you can get from many conference experiences… extended over the lifetime of your overseas adventures.

Now, if you're wondering what exactly your All Access Pass gets you access to, here's what All Access Pass holders can look forward to…

All Access Pass Benefit #1:
Be in the room with us, anywhere in the world, anytime, even every time if you want…

Yes, it's true: Any conference, anywhere in the world, your All Access Pass gets you in the door and in the room. You can join us for as many conferences as you like. For the rest of your life.

Just let us know you're coming. We'll have your conference pack ready and waiting… and your registration fee will be automatically and completely waived.

You'll get everything every other attendee gets (though they'll be paying as much as US$1,095 apiece for the privilege) from the handouts to the coffee, cookies, and cocktails…

Plus, you'll get two other things that regular attendees do not get:

I came hoping to gain some insightful information on various countries and hoped to meet a couple of contacts and a couple of like-minded future expats. I left with rock-solid tax and investment strategies (not just advice), a slew of important contacts in more countries across more fields than I could have imagined, and new friends from all over. Thank you Kathleen & Lief & LIO!

--Scot Cave, United States

** You are invited to bring a guest along with you, also free. Your spouse, son, mother, friend—whoever you'd like to accompany you to a conference (no questions asked)—can join in on the action completely free of charge, too. Again, no limits here. Every conference you attend, your guest is welcome with you.

** You're a VIP for life. Not only will your All Access Pass get you in the door anytime, anywhere, to any conference we hold, for the rest of your life, but you'll join us as a VIP every time.

This means that, as well as free entry to the event, for no additional charge, you get to attend special lunches, cocktail parties, and other gatherings organized for VIP visitors only.

At these parties, you'll get to hear of things before the general attendees—giving you first dibs. Sometimes, word doesn't spread beyond this inner circle.

And, of course, as a VIP, you get more time to mingle with the experts who are in town to help you through the process of living or investing overseas. You'd be amazed at what you might uncover in just a five-minute casual conversation at one of these parties.

All Access Pass Benefit #2:
The event "to-go" option…

We do conferences maybe 10 times a year (I'll give you a taste of our current program in a minute). And, while you're welcome to join us at every single one of these conferences, I understand that, for most people, it's not possible to attend every time.

Ongoing support as your
overseas adventure continues
and evolves…

But, even when you're not able to join us in person, your All Access Pass has you covered. While we won't be able to deliver the cocktails and snacks, we will make sure you have access to the next best thing…

At the end of every single conference we hold, we'll send you the "conference in a box"—access to the audio recordings, the visual presentations, and any supporting material our experts shared.

These "Home Conference Kits," as we call them, make it possible for you to act on the opportunities that are presented at every conference, including every conference you aren't able to participate in yourself. These special All Access Pass Home Conference Kits will even include anything that our VIP guests were made aware of during the conference… things that often won't be revealed to the general Live and Invest Overseas readership.

Now, to give you an idea of where your All Access Pass might take you in 2019, let's take a look at what's to come over the next couple of years on the Live and Invest Overseas conference calendar…

Get the best possible start—
all the experts under one roof

If you haven't yet been to one of our Annual Live and Invest Overseas Conferences, then this is a great place to start waving your All Access Pass around.

The Live and Invest Overseas Conference is where dreams begin. Where, for every attendee, those little seeds of ideas take root and begin to blossom…

We are getting so much great information! Thank you!
You are answering questions we never even thought to ask.

--Sheila Strong,
United States

If you're not sure where you'd like to go or what you'd like to do when you get there and want to explore the best options available to you right now, attend our Live and Invest Overseas Conference in September 2019…

You don't even need a passport for this one. We hold our Live and Invest Overseas Conference in the United States every year. This is our biggest event annually, the one where we call in all our far-flung friends, experts, and expats, from all over the world, to present the best current opportunities for living, investing, and doing business overseas.

One look at the program, and you'll see we mean business. Every minute is precious. We warm up with the big-picture topics like timing your retirement… getting your finances in shape… the nuts and bolts of getting established overseas…

The world's top living, retiring, and investing overseas experts available to you one-on-one…

Then we introduce you to the world's top havens, from the Americas to Asia to Europe… more than 20 in all… in "break-out sessions," as we call them, where you have the chance to hear from and speak personally with folks who are already living or retired in each location, our team of expat experts from across the globe.

You'll also get a feel for the more "hard-core" aspects of offshore living–including the intricacies and the benefits of residency and second citizenship, managing your taxes, and considering your options for protecting your assets. These discussions can be a real eye-opener for first-time attendees, who begin to appreciate the big advantages of spreading whatever wealth they've got around a bit.

And, of course, we always host something extra for our VIP attendees—including you and your guest…

Reserve My Place!

Every one of our conferences
is built around our core promise—
we deliver warts-and-all coverage
every time

Once you've been to a Live and Invest Overseas Conference, you'll have a better idea of where you want to go… and that's when you'll find our "in-country events" a real help.

Come… discover the world with us!

Over a year, we offer conferences in maybe six key destinations. And each year we make changes and add to the list, so that, over time, you'll have access to conferences hosted in many of the places that qualify as the world's top choices for living, retiring, and investing overseas.

Which brings me to an important point…

Our conference calendar features and focuses on the places that we've identified as offering the greatest opportunity. These places are safe, affordable, welcoming havens.

But, as great as all these destinations are, each one has its downsides. That's why the downsides are an important part of every conference we host.

Our conferences aren't rah-rah, cheering events, and they're not about selling you on anything. We figure by the time you show up at a conference, you're already sold. That's why our conferences are about arming you with everything you need to do whatever it is you want to do wherever it is you want to do it.

I was thrilled at the extent of the info available at the conference and so enjoyed many of the speakers. Lief and Kathleen: You folks are amazing!! You provide invaluable info that is affordable and in a concise format whereas I might normally need to be wealthy to be able to pay, and probably far more dearly, for great info, great investment opportunities, and great people to work with while being able to take care of my interests…

--Kelly G., United States

You're a grown-up. And you've got a dream. Our job, as we see it, is to help you figure out how to make your dream come true. And, because we're all grown-ups, we all understand that that's not going to be possible until you've considered every option for realizing your dream in full—the pluses and the minuses, the advantages and the disadvantages, the pros and the cons. So that's precisely what we help you do at every conference we host.

We do this in many ways, but the best, I'd say, is with the help of real-life current expats already spending their time and money in places and ways you're thinking you might want to spend your time and money. These firsthand accounts are invaluable. A one-on-one conversation with someone who's already living the life you're dreaming about living? That's a big deal. And, at our conferences, you have the chance to have many one-on-one conversations with people who really know what they're talking about.

Come, join us… in Belize,
France, Panama, Mexico,
Colombia, Portugal, the
Dominican Republic…
and beyond…

Over the next 24 months, we'll be hosting events in Mexico, Panama, Belize, France, Colombia, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic… and beyond.

At every in-country conference on our calendar, you'll learn about important country-specific things like…

  • How to get your bearings (how to overcome the language barrier, how to open a bank account, how to pay your utility bills, how to shop for a new car, how to apply for a driver's license, etc.)…

  • The world's top havens
    are calling your name…
  • How to rent a place to live… and what to look out for on the rental market (not forgetting different landlord/tenant practices you should be aware of… these things can vary dramatically country to country)…
  • How to shop for a property of your own if you decide you're ready to buy—the process involved and how things differ from what you're used to back home… as well as the best areas to focus on and what you should expect to pay for what you want…
  • How to make new friends and become part of your new community…
  • How to choose the visa and residency option that is best for you…
  • What health care standards to expect in the place where you want to live… and how to shop for health insurance…
  • How to ship your personal and household goods this new haven (and whether, in fact, it's a good idea to ship your personal and household goods with you in the first place)…
  • How to find, consider, and vet the top opportunities for investment…
  • How to set up and run a business—and ideas for how to fund your new life overseas (inspired again by expats already doing it)…

This is your life:
put yourself back in control

At our conferences, we help prepare you for your physical move to another country… but we're not all about relocation.

"Going overseas" is about diversifying and enriching your life… but it's also about diversifying and enriching your portfolio.

Let us show you your best current options for diversifying
your life offshore…

That's why some of our conferences are focused on helping you understand your best options for protecting your wealth and what's rightfully yours. Specifically, each year, my husband Lief hosts his Offshore Wealth Summit. This is a powerhouse meeting of the world's top experts on asset protection, banking, international taxation, residency, citizenship, and business.

For Lief and me, it's become our annual financial health check.

The information you can acquire at these focused and intense meetings could save you tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on your tax bill… and could be the key to protecting your assets to create a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Markets, economies, and currencies cycle up and down… administrations come and go… and investment climates and outlooks can change quickly and dramatically. How is the individual investor to protect himself in our 21st-century global investment climate?

Exactly what we need to know in these changing times. So much is happening quickly worldwide and this wealth of current information is so needed now!

--Beverly Seligman, United States

I don't have a quick or easy answer for that question (and neither does anyone else, if we're honest)… but here are two things I've learned after over 30 years of investing and doing business all over the world:

First, diversification is the individual investor's best friend. Spread your assets and investments around so that you don't ever have to be at the mercy of any one economy, any one currency, or any one political administration.

Second (and this is a more recent realization), ours is show-and-tell world. The secret to building and preserving wealth is never to try to hide what you've got. The secret is to organize what you've got in such a way that it's protected and safe… beyond the reach of greedy claimants and litigators and anyone else who might decide to try to snatch away some of your hard-earned wealth.

Comply… report… and follow the rules… knowing that your affairs are organized in such a way that you don't ever have to worry about losing what you've built.

You don't need to have millions in assets to act on any of these strategies and recommendations, by the way. Whether you have ten thousand or ten million in personal assets, our experts can help you protect it.

We promise you'll have a good time… every time!

After all, why shouldn't you get to keep every penny that you legally can?

The kind of things we'll help you with at our annual Offshore Wealth Summit include:

  • Planting your five flags (these are the areas we recommend you focus on to ensure you are properly diversified and protected)…
  • Moving your business offshore (and where it makes most sense to do so, given your circumstances and objectives)…
  • The best places in the world for residency and second citizenship (again, the options are many… the right choices depend on your personal situation)…
  • How to super-charge your underperforming IRA in an IRS-compliant way…
  • How to break into precious metals (again, you don't need millions to do this) and diversify out of paper money…
  • The world's top options for diversifying into foreign real estate safely and for long-term wealth…
  • How to take advantage of trusts, IBCs, corporations, and other structures as part of your overall asset protection strategy…

All so that you are able to enjoy more of your hard-earned cash as long as you live—and your heirs, rather than Uncle Sam and the IRS, get more of what you leave behind. Just as you'd want.

Your own dream home on the beach
that pays for itself
(and earns up to 20% per year)

Find it at our annual Global Property Summit (which you and a guest attend free).

The absolute finest conference I ever attended (& that number is in the hundreds). Topics were great. Presenters were wonderful. Your staff was outstanding.

--Bob Seligman,
United States

My husband Lief Simon and I have been buying, selling, flipping, trading, renovating, building, developing, and profiting from real estate around the world for two decades. All told, we have invested in property in 24 countries. Global property is both our primary investment strategy and our favorite hobby. I think it's fair to say we know more about how, where, why, and how to make money at this than anyone else you'll find anywhere.

In the current global financial climate, real estate overseas is the smartest thing you can do with your capital, be it ear-marked for investment or retirement. Bottom line, real estate overseas is the ultimate diversification strategy at a time when diversification beyond U.S. markets and outside the U.S. dollar is more important than ever before in our history and certainly more important than ever before in our lifetimes. No matter how many kinds of investments you hold, if they're all U.S.-based or all U.S. dollar-denominated, you are not diversified. You are at the mercy of U.S. markets and events, and no investor wants to be that vulnerable.

That's why each year our conference calendar includes an important event—our annual Global Property Summit. At this one-of-a-kind event, we'll equip you with everything you need to identify the right market for you… to find the right property for you… to buy securely… and to have your purchase "pay its own way"… even earn you a profit.

Our annual Global Property Summit is the most important overseas real estate event of the year…
In addition, we'll be showcasing the best current global property investment plays, including opportunities to earn up to 20% per year and more from yield-producing investments that will diversify your portfolio while also building a legacy for your heirs.

You'll gain more knowledge about international real estate at our Global Property Summit than you could learn on your own in years of research and months of international travel.

And your All Access Pass gets you (and your guest) in the door and in the room free… and as VIPs.

A limited, limited-time invitation

As I've explained, the All Access Pass isn't something that I can offer to everyone. And, frankly, it's not something that makes sense for everyone. You'll know if it makes sense for you.

I think the info and people I've met are super high quality and in the first day has more than paid for the expense of the trip.

--Taylor Metts,
United States

If it does, the value is enormous… unquantifiable. Certainly, it's an investment that could save you many thousands of dollars.

At our recent Live and Invest in Belize Conference, two attendees joined us for their fifth… and their seventh conferences, respectively. "Frequent Conference-Goers," we call them… and we are very fortunate to know a bunch of them. We have readers, too, who've been following our advice and our programs for decades. One couple of readers at our recent Live and Invest in Panama Conference introduced themselves to our 28-year-old daughter explaining that they've been reading her mom's writings since before she was born.

As I said at the start of this letter, going overseas is an adventure that never ends.

Every attendee at every conference (including our Frequent Conference-Goers) pays as much as US$1,095 to join us at one of our conferences—and as much as US$1,595 each time they bring a friend. You can do the math. Attend 10 conferences, and the total cost is US$10,950… US$15,950 if you attend each time with a guest.

Attend 20 conferences, and the total cost is US$21,900… US$31,900 if your significant other joins you!

The world's top offshore haven is also an adventure-traveler's playground…

That's a big investment for anyone to make. Now you can access and benefit from our complete conference calendar without paying anything like that amount.

Now you can join the ranks of our Frequent Conference-Goers… and join us for as many conferences as you'd like… with a friend… for life… every conference we host, if you want… for nothing like US$20,000 or US$30,000.

The cost of our new All Access Pass is just US$5,750. For that one-time fee (no additional fee will ever be charged), you enjoy:

  • Free access to every conference on our calendar… for life…
  • Free access for a guest every time, too…
  • VIP status at every event…
  • The complete Home Conference Kit, including the complete bundle of presentation recordings and speaker materials, for every conference we hold (these sell for as much as US$500 apiece)…

Easy payment option

The cost of our new All Access Pass is very reasonable, modest even, given the value it buys you. Still, you may prefer not to make the investment all in one go.

That's why we've decided to offer, as part of this premier program, a payment plan option.

The workshops are excellent - allowing people to ask more questions and allowing varying points of view…

--Cappy S., Panama

You can secure your All Access Pass today with a down payment of just US$2,750… and begin enjoying all of the benefits immediately. The remainder can be paid in installments of US$250 over the next 12 months. Or pay in full and save US$250.

Make your down payment… and then register for any conference on the current calendar that interests you. Sign up for every conference on our current calendar if you can manage it!

Note that our conference prices will go up in the coming years. But once you've paid the final installment on your All Access Pass, you'll never be asked for another penny to get in the door. Not next year. Not in 10… or 20 years down the road either. Your All Access Pass is good for life.

The direct value of the All Access Pass is big—more than US$10,000… US$20,000… even potentially more than US$30,000. But those direct savings are only the beginning of the worth of this program.

The real value of our new All Access Pass isn't the savings it brings you… but the access. Now you're welcome in the room every time… all the time… to join the Live and Invest Overseas global family in a real, one-on-one way.

This is your Pass (your passport, if you will) to a new community and a new world… a world overflowing with options and opportunities.

Where no one will ever again question your plans or doubt your dreams. A world where nothing you're imagining raises any eyebrows… because we're all imagining all the same things, too.

Great and wonderful things.

Reserve My Place!

Membership is now open:
only 5 Passes now available

As I've explained, we can't offer this access to everyone. Only the next 5 respondents will be accepted into our new All Access Pass program.

I don't expect it will be long before we reach our All Access Pass limit.

Reserve My Place!

This is your window. I sincerely look forward to you joining us.

Kathleen Peddicord
Founding Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. How's our conference schedule looking right now? Take a look at the lineup we have through the next several months alone…

  • Live and Invest in Panama Conference—January 2020
  • Live and Invest in Belize Conference—February 2020
  • Live and Invest in Ecuador Virtual Conference—March 2020
  • Live and Invest in Portugal Conference—April 2020
  • Global Property Summit in Cancún, Mexico—May 2020

Contact us directly with questions by email here, or call us, toll-free from North America, at 1-888-627-8834 or, worldwide, at 1-443-599-1221.

Complete details on benefits, pricing, and order information are here.

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