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Kathleen, I would love to join you for as many Live and Invest Overseas events as I wish... over the lifetime of my adventures overseas. Please send me my All Access Pass so I can start attending as a VIP!

I understand that with my All Access Pass, I enjoy:

  • Free entry to any (and every) conference on the Live and Invest Overseas calendar. (Regular attendees pay US$1,095 and more to attend these events, but I won’t be asked to pay a cent.)...
  • Free entry for a guest at every conference, too...
  • VIP status, so I’ll be invited to participate in private sessions and receptions reserved for elite guests where I’ll have access to special opportunities...
  • Every Home Conference Kit, so that I’ll have access to the complete set of recordings for every conference that I cannot attend in person, so I never miss out. (These packages sell for as much as US$500 on the Live And Invest Overseas online store. Again, I won’t pay a thing and will receive every Home Conference Kit for life.)...

The All Access Pass is US$5,750. I have the option of a payment plan as follows: US$2,750 at the time of registration, then US$250 per month billed each month for each of the 12 months to follow. Or I can pay in full and save US$250.

I understand that this is a limited offer and is available only to the next 5 readers to respond. When these 5 places are filled, membership will be closed indefinitely.

For my All Access Pass, I’d like to choose the following payment option:

Register Now, Pay in Full (Save US$250)

Reserve My Place!


Register Now, Avail of Payment Plan

Reserve My Place!

All Access Pass

$ 5,750.00

All Access Pass (Payment Plan)

$ 250.00 / month for 12 months with 1 month free trial and a $ 2,750.00 sign-up fee

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