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By coming on board as a fully-fledged Publisher’s Circle member today, I understand that I will become a lifetime member of the following monthly subscription services:

  • Overseas Living Letter (where I’ll discover a new destination—in full detail, no holds barred—each month)…
  • Global Property Advisor (where I’ll hear of new early-in opportunities that can help me earn cash flow and grow my nest egg)…
  • Simon Letter (including everything I need to know to internationalize my life and protect my future)…
  • Panama Letter (opportunities for living, investing, acquiring a second citizenship, and doing business in one of the world’s top offshore havens)…

I’ll also be able to tap into all of your Home Conference Kits—all those coming in the future, as well as instant access the collection already sitting in your library:

  • Retire Overseas Home Conference Kit (value: US$460)
  • Your Dream Home Overseas (value: US$299)
  • Live and Invest in Belize Home Conference Kit (value: US$329)
  • Live and Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit (value: US$329)
  • 2019 Live and Invest in Portugal Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • Live and Invest in Ecuador Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • 2018 Make Money Overseas: The Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • Live and Invest in Italy Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • Wealth Building and Diversification Kit (value: US$329)
  • Live and Invest in France Home Conference Kit (value: US$329)
  • Live and Invest in Mexico Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • 2015 Live and Invest in Nicaragua Home Conference Kit (value: US$198)
  • 2016 Self-Sufficiency Starter Kit (value: US$149)

Through the Publisher’s Circle members-only website, I will also have immediate access to:

  • 101+ Overseas Haven Reports
  • 58+ Panama Special Reports
  • 39+Discovery Reports” (including our bumper 2019 Overseas Retirement Index; our Taxman’s Guide For Americans Abroad—Premium Edition; our Complete Guide To Health Care And Health Insurance Overseas; and more)
  • 7 e-courses and kits, including my 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas e-course; our Passport To Freedom: The World’s Top Havens For Residency, Citizenship, And A Second Passport kit; and more.
  • Make Money Overseas Webinar Series—a collection of 13 videos covering ways I can continue to earn an income (working part or full time… or not at all) from your new home overseas…

Coming on board as a Publisher’s Circle member today, I’ll also:

  • Get print copies of Kathleen Peddicord’s books: “How To Retire Overseas—Everything You Need To Know To Live Well (For Less) Abroad” and “How To Buy Real Estate Overseas.”
  • Receive a monthly members-only newsletter from Kathleen (keeping me up-to-date with new releases in the library)…
  • Qualify for a discount of US$200 on a seat at Live and Invest Overseas Conferences—any time I wish to attend during my lifetime membership.

All For A One-Time Fee—I’ll

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To date, the full collection of resources in the Live and Invest Overseas library is worth US$20,552.70.

But, by joining Publisher’s Circle during this inaugural offer, I qualify for a discount of 88% and will pay just US$2,500.

I can choose to pay my fee of US$2,500 in full today…

Or I can avail of your Publisher’s Circle Easy Payment Plan and spread the cost of membership over thirteen months. I can become a member today for only US$999 (followed by twelve automatic monthly payments of US$150).

Once my membership fee is paid in full, I will never pay again to access any Live and Invest Overseas products.

All new products that come down the line will be mine without additional charge. That’s:

  • Zero renewal fees
  • Zero annual maintenance


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