Investing For a Safe & Diversified Profit Plan Webinar Recording

If you missed our recent Investing For A Safe & Diversified Profit Plan Webinar, don’t worry, we recorded the entire talk.

The Investing For A Safe & Diversified Profit Plan Webinar Recording provides you with insights, information, and exclusive deals from proven agri-investments around the world.

According to The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) food production must increase 70% to meet future demand.

Today’s crisis will pass. The world population will continue to grow. The demand for food will continue to grow.

This Investing For A Safe & Diversified Profit Plan Webinar Recording will show you everything you need to act now, from the comfort of your own home or office.

$ 29.00

Lief and Kathleen together have more than two decades experience investing in real estate and productive land in particular.  Lief has secured exclusive access, exclusive financing, and exclusive pricing from developers around the world.

During the webinar, Lief will provide you access to some of these exclusives, as well as insights and up-to-date information on what you need to know before investing in productive land, including:

  • Why Agri-investing should be on your radar right now—What’s the real story behind this asset class and why it’s the perfect way to safeguard your wealth?
  • Real Estate 101—Lief and Kathleen will show you what you don’t know yet about investing overseas… How to make your own judgements, understand the numbers, and figure out what’s right for you.
  • Global Investment Strategies For Short-, Mid-, And Long-Term Opportunities—From fast returns, annual pay-outs for 30 years, to long-term wealth legacy building, we’ll spotlight your best options for 2020 and well beyond…
  • Exit Strategies—This is about investing in hard-assets, you have options if you decide you need to cash out early.
  • Exclusive Deals—Reserved For Webinar Attendees Only—Lief has developed close relationships with these developers. The result? We’ve been able to secure discounts, exclusive payment plans with zero interest rates, first-access to a brand-new project offering a 513.3% ROI, and much, much more…