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Boquete, Panama

Boquete is unlike any other town in Panama. The combination of its stunning natural setting, perfect temperate climate, and large expat contingent makes it a natural choice for those contemplating a move to Panama. It is located in western Panama, about 37 miles from the Costa Rican border. It’s part of Chiriquí Province, the capital of which, David, lies 30 miles to its south.

The tropical heat that Panama is famous for is much less intense in Boquete, and thanks to all the rain, it’s less dry than lower-altitude areas.

Boquete has the highest density of expats in Panama, and it’s fascinating and heartwarming to watch them intermingle seamlessly with third-generation boqueteños, indigenous people, and everyone in between.

Boquete is one-of-a-kind and a beautiful place to call home, but it also has its foibles and isn’t necessarily for everyone… Keep reading and find out if it could be your new home overseas.

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Snuggled into the side of a volcanic crater, surrounded by lush tropical forest, and home to profusions of multi-hued blossoms, Boquete is nothing if not picturesque…

The climate in Boquete is springlike year-round with temperatures hovering between 65˚F and 75˚F. Nights, especially during the rainy season, can be chilly enough for a sweater or light jacket.

There are several supermarkets, clothing, shoe, and dry goods stores, hardware and agricultural supply establishments, hairdressers, computer and cell phone outlets, real estate offices, a butcher shop, and several banks, including Banco Nacional, Global Bank, Multibank, and more.

Boquete expats embrace their adopted country wholeheartedly and constantly strive to make it a better place, not only for themselves but also for the locals. This is an easy place to become involved with the resident community. Volunteer organizations flourish here and accomplish good deeds year-round, particularly for community members in need.

The ground for expat businesses in Boquete is fertile, and many who own and operate businesses here do well. Restaurants are on every corner and run the spectrum from fondas (local restaurants traditionally run out of homes) to high-end eateries.

Boquete doesn’t have its own hospital yet, but it does have an ambulance and is close to David where hospitals are available. That said, there is no shortage of health care options available in Boquete…

Here, you’ll live in a lush, natural setting, have access to fresh produce and cool weather year-round, and get to live overseas but enjoy a sense of familiarity thanks to its deep expat roots. Every time you crest that hill and gaze down upon the scene below, your heart will belong to Boquete all over again.