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One Country, Three Niche Markets

You can retire in Panama, you can vacation in Panama, and now… you can get rich in Panama.

When you invest in Panama’s real estate you won’t be faced with language barriers, legal uncertainty, or currency dilemmas. Three niche markets in Panama are your sure bet, as an investor, to make money.

Market One gives you the opportunity to buy property at a below-market rate, which you will then sell to the potential buyers who are not being catered to. Within Market Two, you’ll be able to cater to traveling businesspeople and medical tourists, which is booming in Panama and a great time for real estate with short-term-let licenses. Market Three caters to two different groups you wouldn’t think belong in the same category… families and surfers.

$ 14.95

Most Panama City developers build for the foreign market or the high-end local market. But there’s another emerging pool of buyers no one has been paying attention to—the upwardly mobile 20- and 30-something Panamanian who can’t afford a typical Panama City condo. In Market One, you’ll buy at below-market rates and sell to said buyer. This is buying to flip at its safest and most profitable. You stand to walk away with a return of 34.7%.

Buying for below average allows you a foot in the door of Panama’s most expensive and prestigious neighborhoods.

Within Market Two is Costa del Este, a hub for international businesses (all the big boys are here—Samsung, Movistar, Canon, etc.). This developer, however, has negotiated a short-term-let license for this building, giving you access to a whole new tenant pool… All the business travelers who visit Costa del Este will be able to stay in your compact studio or one-bedroom apartment for just as much luxury but half the price of a hotel.

Costa del Este is new, spacious, shiny, and slick. Claiming to be Panama’s biggest modern-day planned community, it is predominantly made up of two large avenues, each four-lanes and with sidewalks. Think Miami with major corporate players.

Market Three lays on Panama’s Azuero coast, in Los Islotes master-planned community slopes down to the Pacific. There’s a secluded cove where the waters of the Pacific are calm and warm… perfect for swimming and the kids. But waves break more dramatically at the second beach at Los Islotes, making for great surfing and beautiful views. Los Islotes is the only developed stretch of Panama’s coast that faces west, meaning it is the only place where you can see the sun set over the water.

Los Islotes is your chance to live in a heavenly safe haven while securing your place in the country’s premier coastal community and enjoying great short-term rental yields.

Learn more about the three moneymaking opportunities in a jurisdiction that offers legal and monetary certainty.