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Comparing The World’s Top Retire Overseas Destinations | Overseas Haven Report Copy

In this Overseas Haven Report, we pit the world’s favorite retire-overseas havens against each other, examining their pros and cons first at the country level, then zooming in on one specific destination in each place and comparing it to its counterpart in another.

No place is perfect, everywhere has its pluses and minuses… but by going through the comparisons, you’ll come away with a stronger sense of which haven is the best choice for you.

$ 9.95

One of the most commonly asked questions we get at Live and Invest Overseas is “Which place is better?” Is it Panama or Costa Rica?… The south coast of Spain or the south coast of Portugal?… Does Thailand have the best opportunities for low-cost beach living… or does Vietnam?

The truth is that the answers to these questions depend entirely on you and your preferences, circumstances, and agendas. And while we can’t define those things for you, we can help you consider your options for reinventing your life in one place relative to another.