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Placencia, Belize | Overseas Haven Report

If Belize has been on your radar, focusing on Placencia couldn’t come at a better time.

Seventeen miles of beautiful white-sand beaches… dazzling turquoise-blue water teaming with fish… cooling trade winds gently caressing the palm trees… the shore a perfect launch pad to explore this diminutive paradisiacal region of the Caribbean Sea…

You would think this thin finger of land nestled between the rain forest-draped Maya Mountains and the most spectacular barrier reef in the world would be better known… yet this haven remains somewhat of a secret…

A former fishing village turned quiet tourist destination, Placencia is little more than a sand spit that is, at most, only a quarter-mile wide.

Sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and rain forest treks are all within easy reach. Adventure or leisure—whatever you choose—Placencia beckons with something for every level and taste.

Placencia isn’t overdeveloped like other parts of Belize’s coast. As this report demonstrates, while the window of opportunity is still open, the country’s inevitable path of progress is slowly but surely ushering in winds of change.

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