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Sanur, Bali, Indonesia | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report, we feature Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Consider Sanur if you like the thought of living by a pretty beach located on a gorgeous, world-renowned tropical island, enjoying easy access to fresh and organic foods, eating at great restaurants, making friends with the genuinely welcoming local people, and meeting plenty of like-minded foreigners who have become enchanted with the laid-back lifestyle that this town offers.

$ 9.95

Sanur is Bali’s oldest seaside resort and one of the most expat-friendly towns in Indonesia. Sanur doesn’t have the glitter, glamour, and frenzy of some of the nearby communities. There aren’t any noisy, pulsing discotheques, giant waves, or even any monkeys in Sanur. It’s a mellow and laid-back town just minutes away from all those things, and that’s really one of its main attractions. Those options are easily accessible and serve as the main tourist draws to the area, but Sanur is a mature town, perfect for those looking for a quiet, friendly place to reside.